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Where can I find the U of U academic calendar?

I applied to study at U of U and I haven’t received the results, but I am looking for the U of U academic calendar to see the important dates at that university, such as the University of Utah new student orientation dates. I’d like to attend that new student orientation.

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on August 14, 2018

Being enthusiastic about your university is a very good attitude of a new student. Your path into higher education is easier if you are excited about the studies that you follow and the place where you study. Keep that emotion and I am sure that your studies at U of U will be successful. Nevertheless, if you do not get to be accepted this time, do not get discouraged. Next time that you apply to the same university, or another university or college, things may go better.

Most important educational institutions can be found online nowadays. Technology has been helpful over the last years to bring education even to remote areas that were difficult to access before the invention of the Internet. Many educational centers have joined the digital world with their websites to reach more people around the world and offer the possibility to get education to everyone. U of U is one of those institutions and you can easily find the academic calendar of U of U on the website of this university: . Some of the dates on that calendar are start of classes August 20, end of classes December 6, final exam period December 10-14.

The dates of the new student orientation at University of Utah ( ) depend on the semester that you will attend. There is a summer event and a fall event. The summer event is already over this year, while the fall orientation will take place on August 3-August 10, 2018. You need to register as early as possible because once that a session is full, the register is closed and you are no longer able to register for that date.

You must know that attendance at an orientation for new students at this university is mandatory for all new students. It has a cost of $60. You will not be allowed to enroll in any class until you register and attend an orientation session. If you choose the fall session, you will have to stay overnight in the university dorms, regardless if you do not plan to live on campus.


Caroline Campbella year ago

I did the same when I was still at high school, I searched for information about the universities and colleges that interested me the most. I saw their calendars and compare them with other universities, and I found that they were usually very similar. I think that it is important to know about the functioning of universities and colleges even before you apply to them, because it can help you choose the right university for you. I do not know about the new student orientation at University of Utah because I applied to U of U, but I did not get accepted there. But I know some people that study there and they have told me that it is a good university. I think that orientation meetings from any university are very important to get a first approach to your university and I would strongly advise new students to attend. 

Karen Wrighta year ago

It is true that knowing the important dates of the U of U academic calendar, or the dates of the calendar of your own university or college, is very useful because it allows you to plan your activities. It tells you the dates of your final exams, so there is no excuse to fail, you know those dates even before the start of the term and you can study and prepare for them in advance. I went to the University of Utah new student orientation and it was very informative.  

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