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Where can I find the best private school rankings in the US online?

I am looking for nyc school ratings so I can choose a good school for my children. I have just moved here recently and it would be really nice if someone can help me. I am wondering if there is a website online that has private school rankings so that I can know which school is better for my kids. Finding some great schools reviews online would be very helpful for me now as I have been searching for a long time already.

Megan Page

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on March 6, 2018

I have also moved to New York City with children a couple of months ago. I really wish my answer would be helpful for you. I know it is a tough decision especially if you have girls, as you want to make sure that they will blend in fast and that they will make some new good friends in their new school. There are many websites online that show different rankings for private schools, but I am going to tell about my personal experience and about a website that will definitely help you make your final decision. It was my husband’s decision to move to New York as he was promoted to a branch manager and the company has relocated him to New York City. Me and the girls didn’t really feel like moving to another city because I wanted to see my parents occasionally and the girls were so attached to their friends but we had no other choice. So, I think the first thing you have to think of is to make sure that your kids will go to a school that they really like and where they will make some new friends fast so that they can adapt to the life in New York in a timely manner. The website I am telling you about is It will show you ratings for schools in New York but you should not solely depend on that as people have different opinions according to their own beliefs and traditions. You have to make sure that your kids will go to a school that they personally like and where they will find other kids who practice the same sports they like or are interested in the same activities that your kids are interested in. Of course, knowing which school may be better for your kids is not the easiest thing but you can make it easier by shortlisting the schools that are close to your neighborhood and that are affordable for your family. After that, I suggest you take your kids, visit some of those schools and listen to what your kids have to say about them. Also, do not forget to use the website at the end of my post to check the schools that are within a certain mileage from your location. It also has some great school reviews that will help you get a general idea about most of the schools in New York.

Jordan Soto2 years ago

I see that the website included in the answer above is really useful for many parents in the US. I have used it before to know which school is better for my kids when I have moved to another city a couple of years ago and it was really helpful. I personally think that the location of the school is not the most important thing you should consider, as it is okay for the kids to spend a few more minutes on the way to school and back as long as you can guarantee that they are getting the best quality of education that they can get. It is also important to consider your kids’ opinions of course but I believe it is more important to consider the reviews of other parents who have rated the schools before as I think the education quality of the school is more important than anything else.

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