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Where can I find the best career quiz?

I am not decided on what career path I want to take up when I join college. I’m therefore looking for a career assessment test that will help me narrow down to a few professions that actually suit me.

I have searched for a job test online and the options are many and too confusing. I don’t want to spend hours doing an assessment test that has no concrete results. Is there is any proven and all rounded career quiz I can take?

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Bethany Evans on February 16, 2018

If you are not decided on the career path you want to take, I would advise that you do at least two career quizzes and compare to find the results that overlap. There is no harm in doing multiple tests as most of them use different systems of assessment. Some tests I would recommend you try include:


This website uses a system of job testing developed by a team of specialists to match people to their most suitable careers. It is highly accurate measuring several personality traits and matching them to appropriate professions. This test utilizes multiple answer questions expressing you liking or dislike at varying intensities. As you answer the questions, Sokanu matches you to the top careers available. Later, you will be able to rate your matches to know whether you will enjoy working in a certain career. It is free and relatively fast taking about 20 minutes.

MAPP career assessment

MAPP is a popular assessment-test that identifies what you like to do and what you hate. The site uses the data you input to check which jobs match with your interests. Their main objective is to help you find a career that you not only have the right aptitude for, but one that you will also enjoy working in. This test will cost you up to $150 for the executive package. You can exploit the discounts that are available from time to time. If you wish to do it free, they do offer a test that gives you five possible career options.

Myer Briggs

MBTI is an online personality-testing tool that helps you identify how you can cope in an everyday workplace as well as your personal life. It looks at how you would approach four important areas in your life.

  1. How you channel energy.
  2. How you receive and process information.
  3. The way you make decisions and
  4. How you face the external environment.

How you approach these aspects of your life, will determine in which personality type bracket you belong. This career assessment testing will cost you a well-deserved $50.

The Predictive Index Test

This free behavioral test takes less than 10 minutes. It is best suited for managers to assess the skills and aptitudes of their potential employees under review. However, it can also help you know your own personality traits and preferences and their relations to jobs in the market.

Leigh Manna year ago

I fully agree. Do not constrain yourself to one test and make a decision based on it. Remember that there are different aspects to consider before you can settle on a career. Career assessment tests try to determine:

  • Personality traits: These are behaviors and attitudes that make you who you are.
  • Values, goals and beliefs: The values you hold and the future goals you intend to achieve also determine career choice.
  • Your talents/skills: Even though you still in high school, there are some skills, you have acquired over time. These skills maybe relevant to certain professions.
  • Your preferences, interests and hobbies: These aspects determines the careers you are most likely to enjoy and those that you would hate.

If a test you have chosen does not combine all this aspects, do another test. By testing all these aspects, you are likely to come up with accurate results.

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