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Where can I find textbook answers?

I guess everybody has had that textbook answers to which were not in the same book. I’m in such situation now. I want to know some sources to get textbook answers online. I have been using to get my science homework answers. Well, it is quite resourceful, but it hasn’t been of much help with Spanish homework answers and math exercises. I would also like to get a source of the Geometry homework answers. What are other websites that I can rely on to get the keys? Do all textbooks have answers?

Rodney Fox

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2 answers

2 answers

Jennifer Patterson on January 28, 2019

My friend suggested me Socratic and I cannot thank her enough. The app provides solutions for a wide range of subjects. It made doing my homework less stressful. I would recommend it to anyone needing assistance with their homework.

Daniel King on May 16, 2018

Thanks to the development of technologies, getting answers for textbooks has been made extremely easy. There is a vast variety of websites, textbook answers finders and apps that solve any question. You can get answers to your homework instantly with just a photo. Such a function is possible in Photomath. The advantage of this tool is that it will give you answers to your task with a step-by-step guide on how to solve it.

Here is a list of websites and apps that will help with doing any homework:

  • Photomath.
  • iHomework
  • HwPic
  • Wolfram Alpha
  • Homework Helper
  • Slader
  • G Suite for Education

These sites and applications provide the solutions to questions as per the subject. Some of them are free of charge while others require subscription fees to use or download. However, there has been ethical concerns and criticism of such sites because of how fast one can get answers without much effort.

The sites are very useful as they have answers for homework in geometry, algebra, biology and many other subjects. Some of them have forums where students share photos of their homework, or parts of it and get assistance with their solutions. Points are achieved for answering questions in the forum, and they can be used to buy merchandise online, which is a perfect motivation for practice. The forums are an ideal way of getting opinions and different solutions from diverse perspectives which is a good way of learning. Different questions that have been repeated in other students’ homework can be found here. They plan your homework and sort it by specific criteria, e.g. due dates. However such sites require subscription and payment for solutions for your homework.

Hotmath and Chegg are also good sources of answers for homework in science. Another site that has proven to be useful in finding textbooks keys is Unlike photomath, you can search for a specific book from gradesaver by using the title or the author. Individual eBooks can be bought online from the site at affordable prices. For example, you can type “Avancemos 2 textbook answers” and find the book which contains answers t Spanish homework. You have probably noticed that this site is very similar to that you have used.

I hope that my answer is helpful. 

Cynthia Bakera year ago

Textbook answers are not usually the best way to go when dealing with homework assignments. Students need to comprehensively understand a problem in order to work out their own, alternative ways to solve this or that problem. This can be achieved efficiently by repeated trials which end only when a solution is found. As much as the sites offer help in finding correct answers, they also encourage laziness. Students are required to practice whatever has been taught to them through homework. Constantly erring before getting the perfect answer is important for the student to learn from mistakes. It helps to get a profound understanding of the particular problem in math and sciences, For languages, practice is equally important. In Spanish, for instance, pronunciations cannot be learned through answers, as there has to be a constant practice. 

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