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Where can I find pharmacy continuing education courses?

I have been researching on free continuing education classes, but I have not succeeded in finding any free courses. No website offers free courses. Can anyone provide information on where I can get pharmacy continuing education programs? I am willing to pay as long as the courses are relevant. Please, provide information about the website and some of the critical classes I can find. Suggestions on relevant free continuing education for pharmacy technicians are also welcome.

Annie Barnes

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on May 4, 2018

Getting a free continuing education for a pharmacy technician course can be very challenging. The reason for this is the high costs of providing the class, i.e., paying the instructor, coming up with content, paying for websites, etc.

I will provide information on an excellent site for continuing education in pharmacy programs. is the go-to site for all your pharmacy technician needs.  This site offers pharmacy technician continuing education courses that will help you get acquainted with the most recent developments in your field.

This site does not offer any free continuing education class, but I guarantee you that you will find very relevant programs which are quite affordable. Some of the critical courses for a pharmacy technician in the modern world are:

A Program on Arv Drugs to Cure HIV

HIV is a menace to the medical society. This continuing education class aims to offer dietitians, physicians, physical therapists and pharmacy technicians with factual information about ARV medication with regards to treating HIV.

You will learn vital information on ARV drugs in this course, i.e., how to administer and manage the prescriptions. By the end of this class you will be capable of:

  • Reviewing two negative effects of medications for treating HIV
  • Recognizing at least two drugs for treating HIV
  • Prescribing two or more medicines for battling opportunistic infections in people with HIV.

Price: $20 and $10 for CE-PRO members.

Acute Sinusitis

Acute sinusitis is a bacterial or viral infection of an individual’s sinuses that has lasted not more than four weeks.

This continuing education course aims to provide you as a pharmacy technician with information about this infection. After finishing this course, you will be able to do the following:

  • Recognize more than two prescription antibiotics that are commonly used to treat bacterial sinusitis by their generic name and brand.
  • Provide two recommendations of over-the-counter medications that can be used to manage symptoms of acute sinusitis
  • Explain three or more negative effects of using antibiotics for this infection.

Price: $15.00 and $7.50 for CE-PRO members.

Alzheimer’s Disease

The aim of this continuing education course on Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is to help you gain knowledge about clinical issues regarding managing those Alzheimer’s disease. At the end of the session you can:

  • Suggest three or more medications for managing secondary symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Kurt Price2 years ago

I agree that is an excellent place to get pharmacy continuing education. This site has excellent and informative courses that will help you get valuable knowledge for your job.bI would like to bring to your attention another vital class you ought to undertake as a pharmacy technician. The course is:

  • Bipolar Disorder and Treatment

Bipolar Disorder is an ailment characterized by sways between instances of severe depression and incidences of excessive mood elevation (mania). This disorder affects someone for their entire life and is often difficult to manage.

This continuing education class aims to offer knowledge on bipolar disorder, its symptoms, onset and control, and how to control and manage the depressed and manic phases of the disease using proven treatments.

This program aims to make you capable of the following by the time you finish:

Identifying the various subtypes of bipolar disorder

Prescribing medicines for bipolar disorder. 

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