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Where can I find online computer courses?

I am searching for a place where I can take online computer courses. Working at my current job has been quite challenging since I have basic skills and knowledge of computers. My understanding of computers doesn’t extend beyond performing primary functions such as opening a folder, writing a document, and of course accessing the internet. I am in particular trouble with Excel which unfortunately makes up the bulk of my everyday tasks. Due to work duties, I am looking for online distance learning courses in computer. Which online learning center offers computer courses?

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on July 18, 2018

You can get an excellent online computer course at the following websites:


This site is a beloved provider of computer classes for Linux, Mac, and PC owners.
It provides free computer courses in Windows basics, internet security, Mac basics, internet browsers, handling emails, and primary computer skills. If you need advanced classes, you can take courses in image editing, mobile devices, search techniques, using the cloud and social media.
The lessons at GCFLearnFree are aimed at making you conversant with the latest hardware and software.


This renown center for online learning offers free IT lessons to help you efficiently carry out computer tasks in your occupation. This class will educate you on the Microsoft Office suite and teach you how to touch type.

Areas taught include:
• Computer hardware and software
• File management skills
• Safety in Information Technology
• Word processing applications and email use

To complete a course, you ought to finish between 15 and 20 hours in a session. If you score 80% and above, you are eligible for ALISON’s self-certification.

Home and Learn

Home and Learn provided free online tutorials to help you get a good foundation in computing. No computer experience is necessary for this course.

Tutorials on this site work on various versions of Windows which include Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows 10.

Many courses here cover spyware. You can also access the Guide to Going Wireless course which deals with issues such as the basics of routers, the best wireless gadgets, and so on.
Moreover, there are ten tutorials on Outlook Express.


This site provides a vast resource for computer learners which includes free courses, e-books, and tutorials covering various topics of database operations, game design, virtual reality, communications, animations, operating systems, computer programming, web design and scripting, and networking.

Online Education for

This website provides both paid and free courses. In the free lessons, you will learn about using computer software such as Word, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Web development, Flash, Photoshop, and most important to you, Excel.


Skilledup provides excellent distance online learning. It offers an array of free computer courses which are either self-paced or timed. The courses provided are drawn from real life college presentation. Therefore, you might need to study them for a duration similar to that used in the actual college. Topics covered include web intelligence, web development, program design, big data, and so forth.

Kurt Pricea year ago

The sites mentioned above are excellent online computer courses. I would like to add a few more suggestion of websites offering computer courses to increase your pool of choices. I think that before you make your final decision, you need to have many sites to consider.

Meganga is a fantastic site offering free introductory courses to a computer for both seniors and beginners. It gives you access to various tutorials covering topics such as Word, Outlook, troubleshooting, the desktop, Windows, to name a few.

You can also access valuable computer classes at the CTDLC (CT Distance Learning Consortium). T provides a four-module tutorial that deals with computer issues such as email skills, computer skills, web techniques, and word processing skills.
Even better is that these courses are free and are self-paced. The lessons come with revision questions that help you gauge your progress and exercises to develop your computer skills. 

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