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Where can I find free online computer science courses with certificates?

I am a prospective computer science student seeking for information on where I can find accredited free online computer science courses with certificates. Some years back, I took a class from a particular MOOC (will not mention it here) that purported to be the best online coding school.
Never have I been that wrong in my life, I ended up wasting my time taking an unaccredited course and got no certificate out of it.
Can anyone offer me advice on where I can find free online computer courses with certificates?

Brandon Scott

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on October 30, 2018

The world of online courses is quite treacherous. You should practice utmost caution when picking the course to pursue and the provider of the same. Why do I say this? While a specific provider may be proving excellent courses in one particular subject say Python programming, they may provide lackluster classes in other areas such as Java.

Moreover, some course providers are not accredited by the Department of Education or by your state. Others are in this for the money. They may advertise fervently and claim a lot of things. They can claim to offer a top-notch free online computer science course with a certificate while they charge some unscrupulous handling fees when you decide to take them. Worse still, they can market themselves as the best online school of coding to get you to sign up only to get a mediocre level education.

Enough with that, here are places you can get an excellent and accredited free online computer course with a certificate:

Harvard Extension School
This institution offers a comprehensive course on the fundamentals of computer science. Through its Intensive Introduction to Computer Sci. program, you will be introduced to the intellectual aspects of computer science. You will learn via free edifying video lectures provided by the Harvard Extension School Department.

A bench of qualified educators facilitates the course at Harvard University. This course, for instance, is taught by Professor David Malan- a decorated educator.

Some of the topics covered include software development, the structure of computers, algorithms, the real world and computers, computer systems, to name a few.

Moreover, this program will educate you on how to think critically and how to solve issues in various programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, and C.

Talk of being spoilt for choice! Coursera is a renowned MOOC that provides tons of courses in various subjects including Computer Science. Here, you will find both paid and free courses. For the free classes. Practice a lot of caution before settling on one. Take factors such as the facilitating institutions and educators, course content, duration, program projects, length, the language of instruction, and subtitles.

This website offers relevant online programming classes that will set you on the path to technology conversance. The online coding programs at Alison aim to help you become better qualified to befit information technology positions in healthcare, sales, construction, business, teaching, graphic design, and so on.

Caleb Jenkins9 months ago

You can also get excellent free online computer science courses with certificates at edX. This MOOC is run and maintained by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. These two institutions are renown for the high quality of education they provide. Therefore, such a merger only means one thing- quality education.

EdX partners with multiple accredited universities, colleges, and agencies to provide you with approved courses in computer science. There are many courses on offer at any instant. Thus, you will always be able to start a program no matter the time of the year.

The free computer science courses from this site cover an array of topics such as big data, cyber security, artificial intelligence, and software engineering. You can start your journey to becoming a computer scientist by enrolling for the Introductory course on computer science.

Note that before picking a program, ensure that it is verified.

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