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Where can I find free homework help? Someone please help me.

I really need help with my homework. Is this a common issue with students who have no time to do their homework? Or is it just me? I find the questions in my homework too difficult for me and I have no sufficient cash to pay to get my homework done. Can I find a homework service that can help me with assignments for little or no cost? Where do students like me looking for free homework help get assistance? I hear that there are many writing services offering homework help but are they free? The reason I am asking this question is to see the options available to me in getting free homework help answers. Apart from these writing services, where else can I find useful free or cost-effective help?

Megan Page

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1 answer

Derrick Little on January 10, 2018

The first thing that comes to the minds of students like you when they are looking for free help with homework is the writing services companies. Unfortunately, I have seen very few or none companies that offer their help for free. You have to understand that this is their business and profit source, so they can’t help you with your assignments at no charge. Some writing companies have tutors who only give small hints on how to go about a certain homework. However, such companies will demand money at the end if you need more than just tips, pieces of advice, and hints. I believe that professional homework helpers are a good source of your assignment help even though you will need to part with a few bucks.

Luckily for you I know there are other websites where students interact and offer answers to homework for free. Numerous Q&A websites can be good sources of free homework help. You can explore them. Visitors at such websites attempt to answer the posted questions and this can give students some help on how to go about their assignments. Nevertheless, these website do not guarantee any help and a question may go unanswered for days or even months. Secondly, the kind of answers found in these help forums is not professional and therefore should be taken with caution.

If homework writing services are definitely not for you and no one answers the question you posted on Q&A, then you can resort to consulting your classmates—it is definitely a free way of getting help on a difficult assignment. Sitting down with colleagues or classmates is known to be one source of free help. Brainstorming about an issue or a question makes it easier to come up with a solution. Whenever two or more similar minds come together, they can solve complex problems. Study groups therefore form a great source of free help on your homework. Forming a study group, however, needs to be done carefully so that only members who have similar interests become members. Choosing the wrong people may bring disaster rather than the much-needed assistance.

The other popular way of getting free help or answers on your homework that I believe can work for you is asking for help from adults who have gone through the systems earlier than you. People who have done similar problems before having great insights into the possible solutions to the problems that we face. I would recommend asking such people for help as it makes it easier for us to know the direction we are supposed to take our assignments. We can get the most helpful resources for our homework from our parents or older siblings.

Emily Alexandera year ago

You have pretty much covered most of the typical free homework help sources. Of course, the best option would be to hire a tutor, but it definitely costs money. But sometimes the school provides free tutors to help students who are behind. Ask around, maybe you will find them at your school. Other than that, if your parents can’t help and you don’t have smart friends, then I would suggest you actually start paying attention in class and try to do your homework on your own. Ask your teacher questions if you don’t understand something, read the textbook carefully, try to participate in class. Maybe if you do all these things you will suddenly realize you don’t need help with homework anymore.

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