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Where can I find a UMD schedule of classes for the fall term?

Unfortunately, I cannot contact my campus at the moment, but I need a UMD schedule of classes. Can I find one online? Сan you send me a pdf file of UMD class schedule if you have one? I’m mainly looking for the start of the year for at least the first week. Then, I’ll find a physical copy of my UMD schedule to carry around. Also, do you know where to find the UMD student schedule of exams and commencement?

James Washington

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1 answer

Jeremy Wood on August 15, 2018

You don’t actually need any pdf. file. There’s a full schedule of UMD classes on the official website of the university. There, you can find all necessary information about studies including an academic calendar and schedule of all classes.

If you need to have a look at the full calendar with the time for holidays and final exams, here’s a link for you  It’s short but has all dates a student may need. There, you see the general dates of the scheduled UMD exams. I don’t think the board has already decided on specific dates and timing, so, we’ll have to wait until the start of the year.

As for the classes schedule, it’s presented right here  You can either simply look through the list of subject and find the ones you’ll have or you can use the search tool given above. You can put any information that, to your mind, specifies the search. There are such categories as a course and section name, term, level, instructor, start time, course days, and the delivery method. All these criteria significantly limit the number of courses shown to you. You can also decide how to filter them—to show by the location or program.

Once you find a UMD course, you’ll be given information about its classes in detail including the number of credits, the grading method, and a bit of additional information. For some of them, you’ll also see an additional criteria Core that redirects you to the main branch of studies.

As at many other establishments, UMD class schedule isn’t structured and requires students to gather their full table themselves. Here, you can save certain classes as your favorites thus making your own customized schedule. This way, you can access it any time you need to clear up certain things.
I hope it covers your need not only for the first week but serves you the whole year.

Nicholas Riveraa year ago

I wouldn’t mind a pdf version of my own UMD schedule as well. It’s easy to download to any device and print it. A website isn’t the safest place to keep such important information. There’s no 100% guarantee that you’ll have access to it at any time, no matter technical issues or bad connection.

Also, it’s never late to make your own personalized UMD schedule of classes by hand. This way, you memorize it faster. Besides, you get to get creative and feel a bit like a child drawing on paper.  

Olive Wilsona year ago

You’ve failed to mention that the page also provides the UMD schedule of exams. You can see this option in the tab at the top of the page. This is also one of the questions bothering the person. So, the schedule is a bit outdated as of now and has the finals of spring 2018. However, in some time, you’ll see the fall of 2018 updated with the information about the exams. Now, it’s too early to think about them, not to mention knowing the full schedule.

As of now, that UMD calendar you’ve mentioned hold the only information about the week of exams we have today. After all, the classes haven’t even started yet, how can we be sure is something so far away?

Also, that additional description of classes usually has a link to send you to the page of the subject where we can find more about it.  

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