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Where can I find a reliable English level test without paying any costs?

I’m expected to sit for an English aptitude test as a part of my job assessment for a position in an organization I applied for. I have always thought my English speaking and writing is okay, but I have never done a test for it as an adult. Since I’m quite confident in my English, I was thinking of going straight for advanced English grammar test. Where can I find a reliable free English level test to see whether my English skills fit the advanced level?

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on March 19, 2018

You might be confidently speaking English fluently, even as a non-native speaker. However, English level tests are the only way to be sure how much experience and knowledge you really have. Several websites and organizations offer these tests for free. I will mention some of these, starting with the most reputable.

The British Council

It offers a level test with 25 questions. You are required to read, understand and answer them as correctly as you can. At the bottom of each question, state how you feel about your answer, i.e., not sure, fairly sure or certain. Results are instant. Therefore, you will approximately know your English level.

Cambridge English

This test is a quick and effective way to know your English level. You will know if you qualify for the Cambridge advanced English-grammar test or any other formal tests they offer. Their tests are widely recognized around the world, and I would recommend that you enroll once you have figured out your level. Furthermore, there is a lot of preparation and practice material to get you ready for an actual test. The test depends on the purpose of it. That is school, business or general.

Oxford Online English

The Oxford level test is divided into four parts: listening, reading, grammar and vocabulary level test. You can take all four tests or just one; it depends on your preference. This test is also free, but you can choose to take a class after for a small fee to get advice on areas you require help.


Englishtag’s test has 50 multiple choice questions. Each question requires that you choose the answer that fits best. The questions check your knowledge of tenses, spelling and punctuation. Once you have finished, click on test results and you will receive your test score and your level instantly.

Exam English

Exam English offers two English aptitude tests: a vocabulary and grammar test and a listening test. The results are given to your email address at the end of each test with your CEF level. If your knowledge is good, questions become more complicated as you progress.

ILS English

This test has 50 sentences with gaps that you are required to fill. You are required to figure out the correct answer from among four multiple-choice alternatives. When you finish the test, your percentage score and the approximate level is given.

Brian Warner2 years ago

These websites are among the best places you can do English level tests. These tests are free and usually take a few minutes. Therefore, do several tests and compare the results. More alternatives for you to consider:

ABA English: The American and British Academy offers a good level assessment which is actually free. The questions are multiple choice and test your abilities in a variety of areas.

Stafford House International: Stafford house offers 25-question level assessment test. You need to understand the questions well before you answer as more than one correct answer may be available. The most appropriate answer gives more points.

London School: their website offers an elaborate 60-question test which takes about 20 minutes to complete. It is free, and you will receive the results immediately after you finish.

Kaplan international: The Kaplan level test has multiple choice questions testing grammar, reading and listening skills.  






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