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Where can I find a reading tutor for my child?

My child is learning to read in English. He is making slow progress. So he clearly needs a reading tutor. He is really struggling with difficult sound sequences found in some words. Words like “woman” and “women” are quite a challenge. The pronunciation of the letter “o” keeps changing thus confusing him. I believe he requires an expert in child tutoring to be able to read like other children his age. I prefer someone who can provide after school tutoring programs. The extra tutoring will complement the lessons given in school.

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on February 1, 2018

It is great to hire reading tutors when learners have problems reading. This move will be useful for the child. Still, there are a number of important considerations when hiring such a tutor. The success of tutoring children is highly dependent on these factors.

1. The qualification of the tutor is key. All sorts of people will offer to teach your child. Many of them don’t have the required qualifications. Some of the said teachers are only qualified to guide older students. Yet, they pretend to be specialists in handling younger children. Their aim is simply to make a quick buck. The danger is that such tutors may push your child too hard. That will completely destroy the smooth progress of the child. It is thus important to check the credentials of your prospect. The local school or education department can guide you. Find out more at this link

2. Sadly, qualifications alone are not enough. The tutor should have some experience in handling children. At least one year of teaching experience is important. Newly graduated teachers may find it easy to operate in the controlled school environment. They will, however, have problems handling a child on their own. If possible, the teacher should have previous experience in tutoring programs after school. So the experience of the teacher is as important as the qualifications.

3. Thirdly, it still behooves you to take an interest in what the child is learning. You will be paying the tutor. So, you have a right to check what the child has done for the day. If it is reading words or a passage, you will have the child go through it again in your presence. You will thus know if the child is making progress or not. You should only do this when the teacher is not around. The teacher is the expert and you cannot start dictating how he should do his work. In case of a problem, you can talk to the teacher alone in the absence of the child. It doesn’t pay to work at cross purposes with the tutor. Never comment negatively on his work in your child’s presence. This will give your child a negative attitude towards learning. The money you are paying will go to waste.

4. Finally, it really helps if the hired tutor is from the immediate neighborhood. This will reduce his daily commuting costs significantly.

Brian Warnera year ago

It is true that should find a good reading tutor who is both qualified and experienced. To be sure, check with the local school or education department to confirm this. You should not just hire anyone who claims to be a tutor. It is also good that the tutor comes from the immediate neighborhood. He will handle your child better since he is readily accessible when you need his services. The only problem is that such perfect situations rarely exist in real life. You may discover that the available neighborhood teacher is inexperienced. Or, the experienced one around may be too busy handling other children. In such cases, you will find yourself settling for a less qualified tutor. You will then make a few sacrifices to get your child reading. I agree that if you do not show any interest your child’s work, then the whole exercise will be futile.

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