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Where can I access free accredited pharmacy continuing education courses?

For the past three months my employees- two pharmacy technicians, have been taking free continuing education for pharmacy technicians courses to be abreast with the developments in the field. They are nearing completion of their courses upon which I will have to take free continuing education classes for a pharmacist. I have been wondering about free CEs for pharmacists. Can anyone offer advice on where I can get free accredited pharmacy continuing education courses?

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on June 13, 2018

The pharmacy field is quite a rapidly changing field. The wind of change blows quite often. It is therefore vital to keep on par with all the developments in the area to serve your patients well and also stay relevant. Free continuing ed for pharmacy technicians courses will help improve the service and expeditiousness of your employees.

On the other hand, as a pharmacist, a free pharmacy continuing ed course is necessary to help you manage your pharmacy efficiently and stay ahead of the tide.

Here are some of the websites offering free accredited CEs for pharmacists:


This site provides free continuing ed classes for pharmacy technicians, nurses, physicians, and most importantly for pharmacists. The pharmacy CEs provided by FreeCE are accredited by the ACPE (Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education). The ACPE is the national agency that provides accreditation for pharmacy CEs and professional degree programs.

If you are licensed pharmacist in Florida, FreeCE reports your credits to CE Broker if you provide details such as your license number and so on. Still in Florida; FreeCE is approved by the Florida Board of Pharmacy to offer CEs to pharmacy technicians and pharmacists.

Pharmacy Times

This website offers free accredited CEs for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. To access these services, you need to create a Pharmacy Times CE account. This account will also help you: access information on CEs monthly, get live help with your CEs immediately and get certification fast.

Some of the CEs available on this site include:

  • Handling hazardous drugs safely
  • Hemophilia management
  • The role of a pharmacist in opioid prescription treatment
  • What distinguishes this Flu season from the rest? offers CEs that help you meet the pharmacy requirements of your state. There are several pharmacy CEs that you can choose. Alternatively, you could go through the course catalog to get the most in-demand courses right now.

This site has a highly qualified team with cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills that will provide superb content to you. If you are looking for a website that values your career development and professional development, this is it.

Some of the courses you will find here include:

  • Cancer Management- This CE helps you learn how to provide better services to cancer patients.
  • General medication- In this CE, you will get a vital education on how to go about common ailments such as allergies, hypertension, arthritis, endocrine disorders, etc. 

Nicholas Rivera2 years ago

The sites mentioned above are exceptional places where you can get free pharmacy continuing education courses. I have taken a few of my pharmacy CEs at FreeCE. They are quite helpful in updating you on the must-know details in the contemporary pharmacy practice.

Some other sites provide CEs for pharmacists. First one is RxSchool. This website offers excellent pharmacy CEs that are accredited by the ACPE. You are required to register on this site before you can access their CEs and online learning tools. After logging in, RxSchool will keep tabs on your pharmacy CE scores/ credits and also send them to the pharmacists’ CPE monitor.

Second one is Power-Pak CE. Here you will access a vast pool of pharmacy CEs that will keep you abreast with the developments in the pharmacy field. There are several free CEs on offer at any given time. Moreover, there are regular exclusive discounts for paid pharmacy CEs. 

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