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Where can I access adult basic education?

I am interested in pursuing adult basic education. I dropped out of high school over a decade ago. I wish to enlist with a center for continuing education to achieve my academic goals. Which adult courses are available for learners like me? Which adult ed opportunities are there online and on campus. I would like to find in Portland or online. I look forward to receiving your help with this matter since I need to register as soon as possible.

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on July 30, 2018

It is always a good idea to go for basic adult education or even higher education, whenever you can. It is never too late to get to learning. You have not indicated whether you want to register as a full-time or part-time student. My assumption is that you are currently involved in some form of active employment, to make ends meet. For that reason, I will suggest you undergo part-time learning since you can work and learn at the same time, now or in the future. You can thus consider the following.

The main continuing education center that will suit you in Portland is the Portland Adult Education center, located at 14 Locust Street. It offers a wide variety of courses in three broad areas: Language Arts; Math; Science and Social Studies. You can find out more about each course at the website. There are a number of other adult education centers, but they either specialize in teaching particular areas, such as language, technology or nursing.

Most opportunities for adult learning are available online. You can check out the following to see which is the best.

One of the courses offered online to earn a high school diploma is Penn Forster High School course. The program is organized to assist both learners of school going age and adults. There are many reasons why people do not find it possible to complete their high school education. Whatever the reason, it is still possible to continue pursuing your studies online. It is on that premise that Penn Foster gives everyone a second chance to learn. The courses for adults are flexible enough to fit various circumstances which may face the learner. They are designed to be pursued at the pace the learner chooses.

The Alamance Community College is another site where you can find online courses leading to a high school diploma. The courses on offer include a unique adult high school. As the name suggests, it is an adults ed program designed to assist those like you who did not have the opportunity to complete their high school education. Being an online program, it is flexible enough to allow you to study while pursuing other interests. The environment is like a real high school, with the same teachers who would handle you in school. It is a program you should try out to achieve your goal.

Kayla Bowen2 years ago

I think it is best to go for online learning when you are already an adult. It is very frustrating to sit with people younger or older than you in the same class. Matters are worse when they happen to be performing better than you. Such simple issues have made many adult learners drop out. The virtual space of online education takes away such worries. Even where the classes are interactive, and many of them are, it is better to share a virtual classroom than a real one. The courses for adults on such platforms are also very flexible. You can stop taking classes when you want, and resume when you feel like doing it. This, as you have been advised, will enable you to attend to other personal business. I, therefore, encourage you to go for the virtual, rather than physical learning. That way you will make the desired progress.  

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