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Where are password files saved in a computer?

Ramon Kelly

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1 answer

Carlton Burgess on April 17, 2018

The file that contains the passwords of the users varies from system to system. In general, however, are stored in a security file. In UNIX-like systems, which are often isencoded using some kind of "encryption", which means that it is very easy to encrypt the password but extremely difficult to decipher. The system authenticates the encryption password value that it receives as the password, and then compare it with the stored, encrypted value. In a local system this is considered secure because only the encrypted value is stored, the file may not be overwritten by a normal user, and anyone who does overwrite the password cannot use the new password to login, unless you first encrypt your new password with the system's encryption scheme. Passwords are never stored in pure plain text, perhaps with the exception of some single-user, single purpose systems that do not need to be very safe. This protects users from the possibility of another user, to sabotage your account by changing the password to access it. This is still possible, but very unlikely, because in order to do this, the saboteur needs to know what type of encryption used by the system and where the password is stored.

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