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When the Soviets blockaded Berlin, what was the response of the United States? a police action the Marshall Plan an airlift signing of the NATO treaty a proposed naval blockade

Amanda Johnson

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1 answer

Amanda Johnson on February 16, 2018

When the Soviet blockade of Berlin, the united states responded by an air bridge. The third option in the question is the correct option. The Berlin Blockade was made by the Soviets, between the period of June 24, the year of 1948, and May 12, 1949. This was the first great crisis after the second World War. The Soviets had blocked railroute, route of the canal and access roads to areas of Germany that were controlled by the western allies. So that the Western allies took to the skies and organized air to carry supplies to the people of Brlin. Ultimately, this showed the Soviets that the blockade was a complete failure.

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