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When should fixed and variable monthly budgeted expenses first be planned? A.) at the end of each month B.) day by day during the month C.) at the start of each month D.) at least twice per month Answer is NOT A!!

Nicholas Rivera

in Social studies

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on February 2, 2019

Answer:The answer is option C. Explanation:Variable costs vary from established costs, for example, your home loan or lease, which continue as before all through the duration of his or her progress or rental. In contrast to the settlement of costs, the variable costs can change completely from week to week, month to month, quarter to quarter or year to year.Examples of normal variable costs include the raw materials, the grouping, and specifically work with an organization of the assembling procedure. The term variable costs should not be confused with the variable costs, which is an accounting of the strategy identified with announcing the variable costs.Fixed costs or expenses are those that do not vary with the changes that are being made at the level of deals or volume. Incorporate costs such as rent, the protection, rights and belongings, gear leases, fees on advances, devaluation, and the administration of the payment of fees, and make it known.

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