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When is this year’s AEJMC convention?

I am looking forward to the AEJMC 2018 convention. If I attend the conference, it will be my first time. I heard about it last year but as it was a few weeks to the event and it was in a different state, there was no way I could be ready in time to attend it.

My interest has never died though, and yesterday I started thinking about how great it would be to attend this year’s AEJMC conference. I am kindly inquiring for information on the dates, venue, and the costs of attending AEJMC convention.

Annie Barnes

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1 answer

1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on June 15, 2018

AEJMC’s annual conference for this year will be held at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington DC between the 6th and the 9th of August 2018. Wholly organized by the organization mentioned above, the event includes hundreds of activities for learners and educators in the journalism and mass communication fields.


The entire registration process is online at the organization’s official website, and the procedure is quite simple and well-guided. If you want to get the best deal, you might want to start your registration early. The early bird registration offer runs up to early July. Trust me; you will be saving money by making your booking in advance. Plus, if you have already made up your mind to attend the event, why wait?

There are two sets of prices for those who register before the 9th of July this year. There is the price for members and non-members:

  • If you have a current membership with the organization at the time of registration, you will pay $195 only for 2018’s AEJMC convention. Note that this rate is not inclusive of the membership fee. So, you must acquire the membership and pay the required fee for it before you can register for the conference; that is if you want to enjoy the discounted conference registration fee. If you are a member but are unable to register before the early bird deadline, you will pay $245 which is at least $50 more. Make your plans early if you can.
  • If you are not a member, you will pay $315 to attend the conference. Typically, the non-member rates for AEJMC conferences include both the registration fees and a membership of one year with the organization. This package is quite beneficial to you as you will enjoy all the perks of being a member which includes access to information and opportunities.
  • Student rates- If you are studying journalism and mass communication and you have a student ID or any valid document to prove it, you are in luck. There are discounted early bird rates for both member and non-member students. If you are a member, you pay $105 registration fees for the conference. As with the member rate I have mentioned above, this rate does not include a renewal of your membership. Student members who register after the 9th of July will pay a regular fee of $120. Early non-member registration fee for students is $155 which also includes a one-year membership with the organization. 

Emily Alexander2 years ago

You have described the registration rates and process for AEJMC 2018 conference well. However, you have failed to mention what the registration fee covers and what it doesn't. Attending the conference provides an opportunity for you to network with other professionals. Whether you are a professional working in the industry or still a student, there is definitely something for you to gain at this annual event. However, what is not mentioned in great detail in the brochure and which you are likely to miss is that the registration fee is not inclusive of particular tour and workshops. These smaller events require additional payments and usually have a limited number allowed to register. Not all workshops, however, require an additional fee and it would be best to go through the conference’s theme sessions to find out which ones you would be interested in and how much you may need to pay. 

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