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When is the Voodoo Fest 2018?

My friends in college have told me that they will attend Voodoo Fest 2018, but I do not know anything about that Voodoo Festival. Are there good artists in the 2018 Voodoo lineup? I have never attended music festivals in New Orleans, but I can go to this one and see what it is.

Mindee Nelson

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1 answer

Derrick Little on October 19, 2018

The 2018 Voodoo Fest will take place in City Park, in New Orleans, state of Louisiana, on October 26-28, 2018. This festival has become very popular since it was established in 1999. It actually started as a one-day event, but it was so successful that the following year it became a two-day event. Since 2007 it has been a three-day event that everybody knows now.

It is always held in the same park and on the same dates, the Halloween weekend or the weekend before it. Although it is true that this event comprises a musical part, your friends may have forgotten to tell you about the whole Voodoo Experience.

The Festival Voodoo, besides music concerts, includes food tasting and art installations to entertain its visitors. The Feast under the Stars activity is the culinary moment of the festival. It is scheduled for the night before the start of the festival. If you like to taste local food, you should not miss this.
The art part consists of art installations that can be found all around the park. The main theme is Halloween. Those are very nice places to take selfies and, if you go with children, they will enjoy playing there. If you like hand-made items and you want to buy some as a souvenir from this event, you will be able to do it at the Market Place.

The lineup of Voodoo always includes good performers. This year, as previous years, the list of guest artists is very long. It includes such artists as Marilyn Manson, Elle King, Arctic Monkeys, and Martin Garrix. You can see the complete lineup of this year’s festival at its official website 

This festival in New Orleans offers so many activities to its visitors that you may easily find at least one that you like. Visit its website to know more about it and to buy your tickets for the shows and also for the after shows, if you want to attend them.

Eric Bates10 months ago

I enjoy going to this festival in New Orleans because a wonderful atmosphere surrounds it and its location is magical. The lineup is always fantastic and the performances are great. I try to go to Louisiana every year on Halloween just to attend this festival in New Orleans. I had not seen the lineup of the artists and music bands that will perform this year. But now I cannot wait to buy my tickets to attend all the concerts. I may go with my family because my nephews like Elle King a lot and they know all of her songs. They will love to sing them with her. I love the Arctic Monkeys, but I think that it is very nice that this festival is open to people of all ages, because unfortunately, most festivals are only for adults.  

Leigh Mann10 months ago

I already bought my tickets for the Voodoo Fest 2018 because I know that it is always better to buy them in advance. I like this festival since it was created in 1999. Now I go there with my friends and I still like the whole experience. This year the Voodoo lineup looks great with rock and electro house music. And it does not surprise me, because every year the producers of this festival choose the best music artists.  

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