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When is the Penn State new student orientation?

I’ve heard that there is a Penn State new student orientation that students must attend after they get admitted to study at that university. I would like to know more about that new student orientation Penn State day and about what you can learn if you go to the new student orientation.

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Ross Pratt on August 9, 2018

Penn State or PSU are short names for the Pennsylvania State University, founded in 1855. The New Student Orientation (NSO) takes place in University Park, one of the campuses of this university. It is actually its most important campus.

The Penn State orientation for new students ( ) does not actually take one but two days and it is planned for you and your family. This year it will be from August 15 to August 16. This university expects that you take part in this event.

In order to participate in NSO, you need to make a reservation. But before that, you will need to complete your ALEKS Math Assessment. The score of this test indicates your readiness for particular math, statistics, and chemistry courses at the Pennsylvania State University.

On the first day of your new student orientation at Penn State, you will meet an Orientation Leader and you will have the opportunity to make friends with other new students. There will be lectures about the educational process used by this university and the meaning of belonging to its community. This is the only day that parents and family members can attend.

On the second day of this event, the talks will be about student life on campus. You will know what technology is provided to you as a member of this university and, the most important; you will meet an advisor to plan your classes for the first term.
Be aware that the NSO activities will take the whole day. The first day, after registration, will start at 12:45 pm and finish after 9:00 pm. The second day will start after 8:00 am and it will end around 5:00 pm.

Although this orientation for new students may seem long and tiresome, I strongly advise that you do not miss it. Remember that this university expects that you attend its NSO. And this event will allow you to catch a glimpse of the overall functioning of your university and start to get used to it.

Karen Wrighta year ago

The Penn State orientation for new students is a big event when everybody participates. When I was about to start college, I didn’t know exactly what it was about. I was told that I had to go and I thought that I would receive some documents about the functioning of the university, the names of my professors and the instructions to find my classrooms. But it was totally different experience. It was a very lively event. That day I could see that Penn State really cares about its students and welcomes them warmly. Every activity was well planned and after that orientation, I felt that I knew everything I needed to know about Penn State and I was ready to start classes. I recommend that new students attend the orientation event prepared for them to have a good time and learn about their university.  

Cynthia Bakera year ago

Every student that has been accepted into this university has a chance to participate at the Penn State new student orientation. I have participated in several new student orientation events since I’m in college because I volunteer every year to help prepare the orientation activities. I know that they can be boring for some students, but some speeches and readings are necessary. I enjoyed my new student orientation Penn State days and what I learned there is still useful today.


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