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When is the Military Spouse Appreciation Day this year?

Military Spouse Appreciation Day is not as popular as other holidays. Unfortunately, people do not pay much attention when it comes to those people who support our servicemen and give them strength to keep doing their best. So, I would like to know when is Military Spouse Day this year? There some members of my family that I would like to greet this day and give them my own support. Living in a military family is always hard and we need to be with them at least on National Military Spouse Day.

Try to find a close person to you on this Spouse Appreciation Day and spend it with them.

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on May 11, 2018

I personally know how hard it is to live in a family where one of your parents is in the military. The constant worry and loneliness are never good for you. You try to support your family and show them how strong you are while, inside, there is sadness in you. So, it is really important that people get to know the Day of Spouse Appreciation and bring joy to their friends. They are the backbone that holds it all together. We should all honor their commitment and strength and make sure people around know how important they are.

Though not all people about this holiday, the Armed Forces organize special events for military spouses and, often, give small vacations to servicemen to come back to their families. This year, the Appreciation Day of Military Spouses is on Friday, May, 11th. So, you have little time to prepare some surprise for your friend and plan something special.

Those people who are in the military should always remember to get in contact with their families on this day if they can. I believe that the Day of military spouses is not only about them but about children and parents as well. Basically, the whole family that is worrying about the well-being of servicemen deserve a few warm words.

There are many Military Spouse Appreciation Day ideas on the Internet on how to make their day special. A written note from their spouse would be a perfect gift. Next year, you can take care of it beforehand and offer this idea to the spouse. Hire a nanny for children or take them to grandparents to give them free time. Considering that most spouses are women waiting for their husbands, offer your friend a girls’ night out. When the children are taken care of, this is time to treat yourself! Your friend needs to relax. If she prefers a calm evening, stay in and binge-watch your favorite series or movies. Though National Military Spouse Days are not federal holidays and many people have to work, convince them to take a day off and do what they like the most. Push them towards their hobbies and participate as well.

Read some military spouse blog to find more ideas on what they would like to do on their day. You can get there an idea of a cool present that may be good for your friend. 

Kayla Bowen2 years ago

Yes, your blog idea is great! When you read a blog of a military spouse, you can get the general idea of their struggles, wishes, and thoughts. Of course, all people differ and the mentioned family member can have completely different feelings. However, when you a couple of people, you will notice common traits and worries. I’m sure they will be talking about Military Spouse Appreciation Day on their blog which will give you a few ideas for the next year.

I advise you to visit the following page: There are many interesting blogs on the list that will help you with organizing this holiday for your friend. I’d like to highlight the first ten websites. I’ve looked through them for a little and found much interesting information that would be useful for everybody. 

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