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When is mother’s day this year?

When is mother’s day this year? Time after time, I forget to congratulate my mother on her day. This is a pretty important holiday that the world celebrates. I, however, have the hardest time remember its official date. I know that it is sometime soon, but the internet tells me various dates. Why is it?

Besides, my sister has just given birth. So, wishing her a happy first mother’s day is a big deal. So, I would really like your help on this question. Also, is it connected with the mothers day weekend?

Annie Barnes

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1 answer

1 answer

Jeremy Wood on May 10, 2018

Well, it really depends on where you live. In the United States, there is no constant date actually. Maybe, that is why you cannot remember it year after year. It is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. So, it is pretty close. I believe such a day has been chosen specifically to give our mothers time to relax on their official day. That is why the mother’s day weekend exists. This is the time when the whole family gathers to celebrate the occasion together with its matriarch. This is the time to celebrate motherhood and give sweet gifts. Unfortunately, in the U.S., this is not a holiday on the federal level, but some private companies still design something sweet for mothers.

However, if we look at the UK, for example, we notice how the dates are different this year. Mother’s day 2018 UK was on the 11th of March, exactly three weeks before Easter. So, its time has long passed and people will wait for the next year to pay a pleasant visit to their mothers.

So, when is mothers’ day this year in the rest of the world? Each country has its own traditions for this holiday. And many other them support the second Sunday of May tradition. In general, most countries seem to have one thing in common in terms of Mother’s day date—spring is the most popular choice for such a celebration. To my mind, it is very fitting considering the cause of celebration. Women are somewhat similar to spring and bring us as much joy as a sunny spring after a long summer. Some ex-communist countries celebrate International Women’s Day instead of Mother’s day or honor both holidays.

For me, Mother’s day celebrations are always connected with something cheerful and bright. This is the one is a year when all children try to behave, make DIY cards and other gifts for their mothers, and women simply enjoy the attention and relaxation they get. My first Mother’s day was happy. Though my kid was still too small to understand what was happening around, my family and friends really made everything to be peaceful and beautiful for me.

Though there is no such thing as International Mother’s Day, I wish the whole world would agree on this one and make it an official holiday for everybody. This way, we all would be happy and our mothers above all. 

Ronald Miller2 years ago

Yes, this year, Mother’s day was on Sunday 13th. I try to visit my mom every year to wish her a happy holiday. I hope everybody would follow this tradition and pay special attention to their mothers. We often forget how much they do for us and do not say the necessary words to them.

I’m glad there is such a thing as a Mother’s day weekend when all celebrations are devoted to the important humans in our lives.

Yes, each country has its own date for this holiday and most of them happen to be in Spring. However, there are still many places where Mother’s Day is celebrated is summer and autumn. As far as I’m concerned, there are no such celebrations in winter. This may also be connected to the image a mother has in our hearts. A cold and harsh wither is not for a gentlewoman. Her days are accompanied by the sun. 

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