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When does the Summerfest Milwaukee take place this year?

I’ve heard a lot about the upcoming Milwaukee Summer Fest but do not actually know when it is coming. As far as I understand, it is held at the end of June. So, do I still have time to buy tickets? Are there any left at all? I know this is a last-minute decision, but I have free time and would like to join Summerfest Milwaukee celebrations! What does Milwaukee music fest of 2018 have to offer? How long is it going to be?

I really hope I can get to Summerfest Milwaukee Wisconsin in time and enjoy it to the fullest.

Deborah Edwards

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1 answer

1 answer

Jeremy Wood on June 14, 2018

This year, the summer fest in Milwaukee will start on June 27 and end on July 8. As expected, the event will last for more than a week. During this time, every music lover of the country will come to the city to enjoy the general atmosphere of creativity, friendship, and happiness. I fully understand you wish to get to Summerfest 2018. Luckily, you still have time to buy your tickets to the event. I know that the 5-day pass is still available. It’s cost now is $80. This is a small price to pay for 5 days of an awesome fest I know other US music festivals that ask for more money but are not as grand! So, this is pretty cheap. You can easily order it online and just print it or show it from your cell phone. Note that the general admission for one day costs about $20. So, you actually save some money when you buy a long-term ticket. Hurry up to buy your pass while they are still available! And read all those admission rules and requirements. Here is the link to a website where you can purchase tickets for the music festival in Milwaukee:  This is the official online shop of the event.

In addition, you can look for some other cool stuff there. The shop is full of merchandise that will look cool both at the fest and outside of it. Have you ever wanted to become one of those guys who wear a T-shirt with the event’s logo? And everybody notices you and wants to take a photo together? I think that Milwaukee Summerfest 2018 will have a few guys wearing them. Why don’t you become one of them? I’ve already ordered some of the accessories offered on the website and can’t wait to get them. So, Summerfest tickets are not the only thing you can spend your money on. It all depends on how much you are into the whole event and what money you are ready to spend on it. The fest is long and you surely will have to spend enough cash during your stay there. Be sure to bring a credit card or a few just in case.

I hope you get your tickets and I will see you at Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin very soon. 

Craig Stewart2 years ago

You are right about spending money at the fest. For most people, this is a vacation where you do not pay attention to every small purchase you make. In the end, the piles of such small spending are combined into an impressive sum. Milwaukee Summerfest is not the place to be tight with money. It lasts for days and you need a place to stay, something to eat, buy some merch, and generally spend your money on some other crazy stuff. The most will be spent on accommodation which, by the way, should be booked in advance as well. Just imagine how many people will visit the place during those 12 or something days! And all of them have to find a place to stay. I’m not sure it is possible to find something affordable at all at this time.

However, the Summerfest Milwaukee lineup is so good this year that I would spend everything for a chance to listen to all those bands.   

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