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When does the registration for NSBE Convention of 2019 start?

After visiting NSBE conference 2018, I would like to go there one more time. The event of so full of workshops, lectures, and new acquaintances that I couldn’t see it all and had to choose between activities. I hope that the second visit to NSBE convention will show me the full picture.

Also, can NSBE connect people from various countries or is it just for the USA?

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Donald Ward on June 25, 2018

The National Society of Black Engineers works really hard on its conferences. Every year, about 10-12 thousands of attendees come to their annual education conventions. So, it is important to implement the early registration scheme when you hold an event of such scale. And the hosts have already taken care of it. However, considering the recent meeting of 2018, this one will be held in quite a time. The official poster published in a post by the organization mentions the date of the next year’s convention that will be held at the end of March in Detroit. Have you ever been to the city? I cannot say that this is one of the leading centers of the country’s education sphere, but it suits the purpose right and is big enough to hold an event of this scale. I don’t think the registration is already opened, though the pre-registration is going on.

Though you’ve already been to NSBE conventions, I’d give you a few tips anyway.

Make sure to book accommodations beforehand. The event is becoming more and more popular and, so, more people will be looking for affordable rooms. You can easily use such services as to book a stay month in advance. Isn’t it easier to go place when you are already sure about a place you are going to stay in?

Unfortunately, you don’t have a chance to win a free registration for NBSE 45 anymore. I wish you would’ve written a bit sooner. You just had to complete a survey to become a winner. Sadly, the “giveaway” was available only until May 31. So, next time you want to visit the event, be sure to look for the news in spring and you may be luckier than at NSBE conference of 2018.

The last tip is to regularly check NSBE website and social media pages for updates and offers. There, you will be among the first people to know when tickets go on sale or a free offer like the previous one is suggested.

And yes, NBSE connects people from around the world. Its goal is to create a sole network that would help people of color. 

Larry Warren2 years ago

It’s no wonder a person cannot examine all corners of the NBSE convention during the first visit. There are so many events to see and listen to. However, I’d like to add a few activities of NBSE connect that may appear dull but are great at the same time.

First of all, there are personal development seminars that will show you the new perspectives on what you are doing. Also, there are interesting workshops to learn some practical skills. And, let’s not forget about job fairs that are worth the time of any student.  

Kyle Mckinney2 years ago

Yes, it’s a pity a “free registration” competition ends so soon as many people don’t think about the event so soon. For me, the real intentions to go the NBSE convention usually appear around the beginning of July. Each year I promise myself to get to the process earlier but to no avail. So, I fully support your advice to monitor social networks regularly and acting as soon as you see the interesting news. You have to be faster than everybody else when some offers come along.

I’d also like to see more ways to get to the event paying less money. Come on. This is an educational event for students who are famous for their lack of money. Even if they have some money, it is usually wasted on parties and alcohol. 

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