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When does the NASPA conference take place in 2019?

NASPA conference is an annual event that is visited by many prominent people of our country. Becoming a part of the gathering is a great honor for people I’m working with. So, we’ve decided to gather and visit the famous event together. Unfortunately, NASPA 2018 is long gone and there are not many other interesting higher education conferences left for this year.  So, 2019 is our only choice.

Annie Barnes

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on June 25, 2018

Yes, unfortunately, you’ve come here too late and NASPA of 2018 is not an option anymore. However, to make to feel better about such an opportunity, I’d like to say that this year has shown us just how rapidly the event is growing. With each passing year, it’s becoming more and more crowded. I was pleased to know that NASPA conference 2018 features the representatives of many countries.

So, let’s get back to the upcoming educational events. If you are 100% sure nothing else interests you this year, you can already start your preparation for next NASPA that will take place on March 9-13. This is plenty of time to prepare anything you need starting from the tickets to the materials you will take there.

2019 NASPA annual conference will be located in Los Angeles which cannot be bad news anybody. Thus, you have an opportunity to go sightseeing in the meantime. You should also know that the registration should be opened in July. Right now, you can pre-register to make the further process faster. Also, be sure to visit the website in fall to look for any special offerings and services. Here is the link where you can already become a registered guest -

Besides, early registration means a significant economy of your funds. Pre-registration, for example, will cost you $450. The late one, in its turn, will be $575. As you see, there is a great difference between the dates you register. If you already know you are going to this higher education conference next year, why not register right now?

There are also a few extended workshops that will take place before the conference. You can register for them right on that website I’ve given you. NASPA conferences are always interesting, but you would miss a lot without attending at least one of those workshops. To my mind, the International Symposium is the most useful of them. It lasts for two days and finishes right before the conference itself. 

Leigh Mann2 years ago

Well, prices are impressive. The actual question is whether NASPA conference is worth it? While you definitely can save a hundred of bucks just by registering online, the price is not cheap by any means. I’ve been to some higher education conferences myself and only saw such prices for the huge events with international speakers. Is it so here?
Also, let’s talk about the more affordable ways of getting to the conference. I’ve heard that there are some tips an official website gives about funding your trip. Maybe, we will find there a way to make it all cheaper.  

Tad Frazier2 years ago

This year, NASPA conference was awesome. So many interesting experts and educators came to the event that most people couldn’t decide which ones to meet first. I really hope you are right and next year will bring us even more informative workshops and seminars. It is already one huge community that unites thousands of students and educators. Hopefully, it will grow even further.

Speaking of the pre-conference NASPA workshops, I would rather choose another one. The undergraduate pre-conference may be a little more specific than that symposium, but it holds more important information that attracts hundreds of students. Being an undergraduate myself, I find it to be even more important than the conference itself. Besides, this workshop may be interested to the experts of all levels as going back to the basic is always good to stir up the knowledge you have. Besides, this constantly changing world to hard to keep up to on your own. 

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