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When does Sasquatch music festival start?

I have heard a lot about Sasquatch music festival. However, I’ve never had a chance to attend it. This year, my friends and I have decided to go there and enjoy it to the fullest. Now I need some information regarding this festival. Firstly, what is the Sasquatch lineup for 2018? When does the Sasquatch band start and how long it lasts? Also, I would like to know how many performances are there in total and if it will be possible for me to enjoy all the performances. Finally, please tell me how much it costs.

Theresa Perry

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1 answer

1 answer

Jeremy Wood on May 16, 2018

Well, you are one among the thousands of Sasquatch fans, eagerly waiting for the music extravaganza. It is clear that you are not that familiar with the history of Sasquatch music festivals.  Sasquatch music event will last three days from Friday, May 25 to Sunday, May 27. During these days, you will be able to enjoy Indie rock, experimental rock, singer-songwriter, electronica, alternative rock, and underground hip-hop.

The next issue is the line of Sasquatch. There is happy news for the Sasquatch fans this year that the performances are arranged in such a way that they do not overlap. Yes, that means you can make the maximum out of the time you spend there. Now I will give you a general idea of the lineup. On Friday, the main performances on the Sasquatch main stage are Benjamin Clementine (1-1:45), Julien Baker (2:15-3), Margo Price (3:30-4:30), Wolf Parade (5-6), Vince Stapes (6:30-7:30), David Byrne (8:15-9:30), and Bon Iver (10:30-12).

On Bigfoot Stage, it will start with Giants in the Trees (1:30-2:15), Son Little (2:45-3:30), Hurray for the Riff Raff (4-5), Hippo Campus (5:30-6:30), Tash Sultana (7:15-8:15), Thundercat (9:30-10:30), and Tyler the Creator (12-1:30).

On Yeti stage, you can enjoy CCFX (12:30-1:15), Jeff Rosenstock (1:45-2:30), The Garden (3-4), Gang of Youths (4:30-5:30), The suffers (6-7), Pond (7:30-8:30), and Whitney (9-10).

Finally, the El Chupacabra starts with Aquilo (4:15-5:15), DJ Bandikoot (5:15-5:45), Lemaitre (5:45-6:45), DJ Sofos (6:45-7:15), Thunderpussy (7:15-8:15), DJ CUFF Lunx (8:15-8:45), Taco (8:45-9:45), DJ Radical Kid (9:45-10:15), Nao (10:15-11:15), DJ Chong the Nomad (11:15-11:45), Snakehips (11:45-1).

Well, this is only for Friday. You can find the detailed schedule of the other two days using the link

Another issue nagging you is the cost, isn’t it? If you are planning to enjoy the festival all three days, the cost of a three-day pass is $325. This time, you have the opportunity to have single day tickets as well for $129. There are ticket packs as well. The 4-pack three-day ticket will cost you $899 and a 4-pack single day ticket will cost $387. In addition to all these, there are an additional limited number of super tickets with additional features. For more information, you can visit  

At Sasquatch bands are ready to enthrall you. Don’t think twice. Pack your bag and proceed. Enjoy your favorite music in the scenic Gorge Amphitheatre with thousands of other music enthusiasts.   


Nicholas Rivera2 years ago

Never been there before? Don’t miss the chance. It is a great festival, and the best I have been to, in fact. The lineup is great and varied. So you will surely find something interesting for you. The Gorge backdrop is really energizing, and camping there is a good experience. Obviously, tickets are expensive and camping can turn disgusting at times with not so clean port-a-potty area and limited water supply. However, you can’t hate this festival because it is simply the best in terms of music. You will see some great performances, usually according to schedule. It is a great delight to see so many of your favorite bands at the same place. I faced an issue in enjoying music, that is, the sound from one stage disturbing the performance on the other. Despite these minor issues, Sasquatch music festival is the best festival out there. Don’t miss it! 

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