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When does Organizational Development Conference take place in 2018?

The Organizational Development Consortium holds annual conferences that attract the attention of many scholars. Unfortunately, I’ve had no such luck as to be present on one of them. I’ve decided to change the situation and buy a ticket for Organizational Development Conference of 2018 if I still have time or for next year. This is a network organization that focuses on training, learning, professional education and development.

I’ve heard about many members of the community and would like to listen to their experience, practices, and so on. If only I would get there.

Theresa Perry

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on May 14, 2018

This year, the Conference by Organizational Development Consortium will be held for three days (21.05 – 23.05) at Baylor University. As usual, you have to register at first for the event. As far as I remember, the main registration lasted for a month, in April. So, it should be already closed. However, there is always so time for late registration that costs more but not too much. Unfortunately, I’m afraid you already have no time for it. However, if you manage to find a way to get there, be ready to Waco, TX on May, 20th because it is always better to come earlier and spend some time both in preparation for this educational conference and simply examine the new city. I never miss the change to be a regular tourist and enjoy the sights.

This year, the organization offers its participants to book a room in Hotel Indigo. The administration has mentioned something about a shuttle between the place and the conference. So, I suspect they are not in close proximity. Of course, you may choose to stay somewhere closer. Yet, this way, you will miss the opportunity to interact with other participants outside the actual conference. I always find these evenings full of interesting people and new acquaintances. Note that Indigo costs $175 per night. So, if the price is not right for you, you can easily change the accommodations.

If you are still interested, let’s take a look at Organizational Development Conference schedule.  The first day is actually Monday, so, there will not be a lot of work to do. This day is just for registration and reception. It will take place at 6 p.m. Dinner is provided by the sponsors. So, this is your ideal opportunity to get to know people and to talk with some speakers yourself.

The next day starts early at 8 a.m. This is the time of conference sessions where people who treat education professionally discuss many hot questions of the sphere. You will be left with tons of new information and even more questions. It will last till 3:30 p.m. In the evening, there is a networking organization event with dinner included.

The last day will also be busy with sessions but can be continued with some extra Waco activities. Not all people stay past the sessions on the third day. However, those who do have a great time getting to know the city and each other in a more relaxed atmosphere. 

Noel Byrd2 years ago

I’m afraid you are too late for this year. The late registration was open until May, 9th. I hope you do not abandon your dream of visiting Organizational Development Conference next year. In 2018, there are many notable institutions participating in the event including the University of Denver, Lamar University, SMU, the University of Cincinnati, Brown, and many others. The full list is right here: There are all the requirements and dates as well on the page. I’m sure next year will be just as great. Considering the rising popularity of this conference, I suspect that even more people and establishments will attend it in 2019. If you want to be one of them, follow the official website of the organization and check their news from time to time.

This is arguably the most influential conference on professional development I’ve visited in a while. It is worth the wait. 

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