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When did the United States grant independence to the Philippines?: in 1898, as part of the Treaty of Paris in 1916, with the Jones Act in 1941, when the Spanish occupied the islands during World War II in 1946, when the islands were liberated from Japanese occupation during World War II 2. Unlike Britain, France, and Russia, the United States: controlled large areas of China. wanted to keep trade in China open. had no interest in trade with China. broke China into distinct spheres of influence. 3. When Filipinos rebelled against U.S. rule, the United States found itself: quickly defeated by the rebel soldiers. at risk of losing the Philippines to the Spanish. using some of the same tactics that the Spanish had used in Cuba. able to easily restore order in a few months.

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1 answer

Nicholas Rivera on December 12, 2018

1. The united States granted independence to the Philippines in the year 1946, when the island liberated from the Japanese occupation during the time of the first world war 11.The independence was established by the Treaty of the Mania. After the Spanish-American war, the united States then acquired by the Philippines in the time of 1898.Before, the Philippines was colonized by Spain and then by the united States.2. Unlike France, Russia and great Britain, the united States wanted to keep trade in China open.3. When the Philippines rebelled against the united States, as a rule, after the united States found itself using the same tactics that were used by the spaniards in Cuba.Filipinos used Guerrilla warfare to undermine the united States powers. It is through the military action that the united States showed the domination of the Philippines.

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