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When did silent films end?

Kaitlin Dean

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James Washington on July 17, 2018

The era of silent film came to an end in the united states in 1930, with the widespread adoption of sound in theaters. In 1976 Mel Brooks made a film, "silent Movie". This was a comedy starring Mthe Brooks, Marty Feldman, Dom DeLuise, Sid Caesar, Harold Gould, Ron Carey, Bernadette Peters. It was co-written and directed by Mel Brooks. The plot is a film director and his friends struggle to produce the first major silent film in forty years. In 2011 the Academy Award for best film was, surprisingly, a silent movie, the first in 80 years (WINGS won the first Oscar for best film), the French film THE ARTIST. Young filmmakers often begin their career in the 21st century with a short silent film, as the technical requirements for the sound are often out of their budgets. Dafna Kory, Rex Curry Harsin, and some others have done independent silent films that have been screened at Le Giornate del Cinema Muto, the world's largest silent film festival in Pordenone, Italy each year. There, the old movies are shown, discussed, and the restored versions of the files in places like Bologna, Amsterdam (Haghefilm), UCLA, the Library of Congress, George Eastman House and the British Film Institute, have brought new awareness of the great beauty of the silent film today younger audiences. In the major film festivals, on the campus of the university, at Turner Classic Movies, and on Dvd, silent films are experiencing a revival, often with new scores commissioned by the festival or the DVD producers. Proper projection speed and ppropriate musical accompaniment is crucial for the maximum enjoyment of great movies. The new composers of silent film music include Donald Sosin, Neil Brand, Gabriel Thibaudeau, Maud Nellison, Stephen Horne, the Alloy Orchestra, and Philip Carli, while the musicians of the theatre organist Dennis James, director, Robert Israel and Rodney Sauer with his Mont Alto Motion picture Orchestra to keep the music original of the late teens and early 20's life through a careful compilation of the scores. In that sense, the silent movie they have not finished, continue to be discovered anew in every generation, and the possibilities of digital preservation are helping to ensure that they will be around for a long time.

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