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When developing your coop, which of the following must be considered? a. location of the backup site if one is necessary b. documenting backup procedures c. determining which data needs to be backed up d. all the above?

Samantha Barber

in Computers and technology

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1 answer

Karen Wright on November 16, 2018

AnswerWhen the development of their cooperative, the location of the backup copy of the site , the documentation of the backup procedures and the determination of the data requirements for the backup must be consideredExplanationCOOP is(continuity of operations planning) This is a plan that will ensure that there is continuity in the performance of the essential functions that are acceptable at a given level.Reduces errors and any form of disruption of the operations that are performed through the protection of the equipment significantly, having the ability to safely meet the objectives of business, records and other property.

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