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When can I find Rutgers schedule for new students?

I’m new to the university and I would like to get a Rutgers course schedule for the whole term. Do they post it early? Though I’ve already gone through some Rutgers new student orientation, I still have many questions. So, the general Rutgers schedule for classes isn’t the only thing I need. Also, I’d like to know more about Rutgers finals. How long is the whole period? How will you prepare for them? Also, is there a final exam schedule Rutgers provides online?

Mindee Nelson

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on August 15, 2018

When did you visit your orientation? If it was early in summer, they probably had no schedule to give you at the time. However, right now, you already can see the full list of classes and when they take place. I don’t know where you can get a copy of it and whether you need it at all. There are many courses at Rutgers and the classes schedule should be huge. Personally, I also try to get an online one and save only those subject I’ll attend. This can be done with the help of the Course Schedule Planner.

So, first of all, you need to visit online page of the Rutgers courses schedule. Here it is  This is actually not a long table with all subjects. It’s a search tab where you put in your information to make the search easier. Here, the program separates students according to the campus, term, and level. As a freshman, you are also here. So, after you deal with this step, it redirects you to another search tab where you can search for specific classes. Repeat the step until you have your schedule.

So, to make the lives of Rutgers students easier, the administration created a special software that allows you to create a personalized schedule. This planner is right here:  You build your own schedule of Rutgers classes with a few simple clicks that are really intuitive. You should be able to do it on your own.

Speaking of the finals at Rutgers, they are pretty common and are conducted just as in any other educational establishment. After the classes, you get a reading day or a couple of them followed by the exam. Now, I cannot find the specific dates for all exams as it’s too soon. However, I have a general Rutgers calendar and finals period is December 14-21. So, they should fit into this week.
Look for the schedule of Rutgers final exams later during your studies.

Roger Moorea year ago

I also find a schedule planner to be very useful. I also try to keep a physical copy of my Rutgers schedule somewhere at hand just in case something is wrong with connection or the server. Sometimes, it’s pain to write down all those classes you are interested in when you know that you already have it all in one place online. But I find it to be useful in case of emergencies.
As for the Rutgers finals, I believe the schedule is never published so early and we have to wait a bit longer.  

Eric Batesa year ago

I’ve found this general exam grid on the Rutgers website: 

This is for fall 2018, though this Rutgers schedule is a bit unclear to me. It fits the academic calendar you’ve mentioned with December 14-21 being dedicated to examinations. The reading day is December 13 and there’s only one of it. However, I would prefer more like three of them at least to take enough time before the final part of a term.

Also, I know that you can come up with a personalized exam schedule. You can find them on the website as well, though no information about it is available as well.

Anyway, I think, at this point of studies, the exact date doesn’t matter as long as you know the general outline of the end of the term.  

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