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When a child turns 18 and wants to go to college do you still by law have to pay child support. If so until what age. this is in the state of MD?

Daniel King

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1 answer

Eric Morgan on April 7, 2018

Child support orders must include a date of termination. If you have to pay child support past 18 years of age, and under what circumstances depends on the language of the order. . Some states have an obligation, even without that they are addressed in the order that support be paid through the university. New Jersey added a law in July, applicable even to the orders established prior to this year. The State of Washington requires that university education must also be paid. As such, although by now is not a primordial need in Maryland, this may change. Of New Jersey, the change generated an additional $10 million per year in federal matching funds that is not required to be spent in its entirety in child support enforcement. In Missouri, the child must take a minimum of five credit hours in the university, but Arizona does not have a minimum.

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