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What’s the USC application deadline?

I’ve been thinking lately about going to university, maybe USC, and I’d like to know the USC application deadline to start now the application process. I’d also like to know when the USC usc admissons are published to know how long I will have to wait to know the results after I submit my USC application.

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Justin Parker on August 7, 2018

Going to university is a good decision that will bring you satisfaction once that you earn your degree. Education is a continuous process that goes on in our lives. Gaining knowledge is always a rewarding experience that can also help you to get a better income doing what you want in the company that you choose, or even launch your own company.

According to what is indicated in the USC portal ( ), there is not a fixed application deadline of USC since each program has its own deadlines. Do not wait until the last day to submit your application. On the contrary, we suggest that you complete your application some months in advance to organize your documents calmly having enough time in advance to double-check them.

After you submit your application and the application process is closed, you will need to be patient because the university may take some time to consider every application. However, this process goes slower for applications that contain grammar mistakes or that lack some required documents. Those applications are usually not taken into account.

Keep in mind that those are the mistakes that you should avoid when preparing your application. To increase your chances of being included in the list of admissons into USC, do your best to submit a complete application, which means a well-structured application that contains all the documents and forms requested by the university and with letters or essays that are error-free.

Your idea of starting to prepare your application to USC as soon as you know the deadline is very good to avoid wasting time. It allows you to focus on getting your application ready before that date by having a better control of your time.

Do not get discouraged if the deadline is near, because you may already have some documents and you just may need others from your high school to join to your application. However, if it is too late to apply this time, remember that, if you want, you can submit a new application the next time that USC opens its application process again.

Nicholas Riveraa year ago

I think that organization is the key in our education process. If there’s organization in our studies, not only at school but also in our study method at home, it’s almost sure that our scores will be high. I think that the same applies when we finish secondary school and start looking for colleges or universities to go to. We may want to apply to several of them to increase our odds of being admitted at least into one of them. But again, this demands a high degree of organization. Just see it as another school subject that demands that you get some papers, write some essays and fill in some forms. That’s what I did for my USC application. I went step by step until I had a complete application to submit. I had already read in college forums that incomplete applications are usually the first to be discarded. 

Kurt Pricea year ago

I wanted to study at USC because my aunt studied there and she told me it was nice. I thought that I’d like it too. I remember the first time that I applied, it was close to the USC application deadline. Big mistake. I think that I even submitted documents that I didn’t review for mistakes because I was in a hurry. The year after, I submitted my second USC application, in advance, without any hurry or hassle and it worked! I got into USC and I really like it.  

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