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What’s the UCLA application deadline this year?

I need to know what the UCLA application deadline is because I’d like to apply to that university but I don’t know the UCLA calendar. I hope it isn’t too late to apply. I’ve been too busy at work and I haven’t been able to look for information on the UCLA admissions process.

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on August 9, 2018

It is actually never too late to go to school. Sometimes it can be too late to submit your application to a specific educational institution for a given term and, in that case, it is possible that you may need to wait a few months before being able to submit your application. However, if your educational goal is to get into college, you will surely find a way to submit your application on time.

The application deadline for UCLA for most programs is December 1. However, for some undergraduate programs, the application filing period goes from November 1 to November 30. The application process to Fall Quarter 2019 will open in August, so be sure to visit frequently the website of this university to get updated information and check the application deadline.

Since many graduate programs at UCLA have a different schedule and some of them have multiple admissions rounds, we recommend that you consult the information regarding the program of your choice. You can check the admissions calendar of UCLA by program at  You will see next to the title of each program some letters that indicate the type of program: a blue D stands for Doctorate, a blue M stands for Master’s Degree, a grey M stands for Master’s Degree (on path to Doctorate) and a blue C stands for Certificate.

To complete the process of admissions at UCLA, you will need the following requirements: transcripts (you will not need to submit them at this stage, but you will need their information to fill in your application), test scores (from ACT, SAT, TOEFL or IELTS), annual income if you are independent or otherwise your parents’ income for the previous year and the current year (you will need to state it only if you are applying for an application fee waiver or for the Educational Opportunity Program), Social Security number, citizenship status (if your country of citizenship is outside the USA, you will need to provide your immigration status and your visa type), credit card (or you can mail your payment if you prefer to pay by check).

Wilson Hansena year ago

When there’s a university that we like a lot, we usually start looking for information about it since very early, even before we start high school. And I think that’s important. On the one hand, because looking into the future keeps us motivated at school, and on the other hand, because it keeps us informed about what’s going on at each university. I didn’t start looking for information on universities early. But a couple of years before I finished high school, I contacted the university that I wanted to attend and I knew then the calendar of UCLA. They told me about their application forms and also about the deadlines to apply. So when I graduated from high school I was more than ready to apply smoothly to UCLA, because I knew the requirements and the deadlines to meet. I can say it was helpful to get the information in advance.  

Leigh Manna year ago

I know I should have searched for information on the UCLA application deadline in advance, but with all the exams and homework that I have at high school, I don’t have time for anything. Time flies and I just can think about studying and improving my grades now. I’ll take a look at that UCLA calendar, but maybe I should wait and apply next year. Unfortunately, my grades are low and I’m thinking about taking some college credit courses to increase my chances of getting admitted into UCLA next year.  

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