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What’s the purpose of education?

Looking from the history of education we have observed that schooling has played a major role in developing student skills. With the passage of time school system has advanced and there are many opportunities of learning for students. I want to know the purpose of education in current age. As now in the current time trend of education has changed but objective is the same, that is to gain advantages of education for living a better life. And we have observed that an educated person has more chances of living better life. What do YOU think is the purpose of education?

Annie Barnes

in Higher Education

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on August 22, 2018

Every human being learns throughout his life from his surroundings and people around him. In modern age the world has become a global village so there is a large community that leaves its impression on each other. In developed and developing countries number of educated citizens is growing, and that is creating competition between them. The actual Actually education history as an act of parliament for education started is 1877. Now when we see that children everywhere are required by law to go to school, that almost all schools are structured in the same way, and that our society goes to a great deal of trouble and expense to provide such schools, we tend naturally to assume that there must be some good, logical reason for all this.

Setting your purpose so that you can understand situation, matter and solution is actually the education’s purpose. Humans are magnificent creatures. They have the ability to do almost anything that they want. Education plays a very important role in making anything possible as a person who has got education has more knowledge, which gives them control to handle any situation that they are facing. So we can say that education is very important for a human being to understand the reality and purpose of their life. Because the advantage of going to school is that you have the opportunity to learn from teachers who have more knowledge and experience in the field.

There are many education advantages for a person who starts his education at school and completes his higher studies. That does not mean that if someone has not completed higher levels of education he can’t be considered educated. Nowadays, education comes from a variety of sources, and it is not always the expensive university education. You can choose to study online, take specific classes, read books. In present times it is necessary to keep up with the new trends as something new and interesting emerges every day.

Today you can enjoy the advantages of modern technology developments that we did not have in the past. We can learn to make ourselves better day by day. Our purpose should be to serve the humanity by playing a good role in society. Education system plays a major role in growing your intellect and skills. By using the skills that you learned at school, university or work you can make a better future. Finally I will say that education’s purpose is to learn how to take advantages from the current situation that you are facing.

Caleb Jenkins2 years ago

Education is the asset that no one can steal from you. It is up to you how you share your education with others. Education gives us the knowledge of the universe around us and builds our intellect. Purpose of education is to gain the knowledge of humans and its surroundings in order to be productive and creative. What you have learned will never go to waste; your education always gives you advantages at some stage. A satisfactory life in current age is only possible with education. It plays a major role in tailoring your life for a better future. Because education is knowledge, and knowledge is necessary for basic living — one must know what is beneficial and what is dangerous. Just keep learning new things according to the demand of current times.  

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