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Whats the fastest way to get a bachelor degree in accounting?

William Cain

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Curtis Rhodes on March 14, 2018

There are community colleges that offer an associate's degree in accounting, which is a two year program if taken as prescribe. This usually falls into the Associates in Applied Science (AAS) category. However, an AAS in accounting does not transfer to a four-year college or university in the event that you want to continue to a higher level degree. The bachelors degree in accounting is offered at the four year college and University, which is the time that is required to complete the degree - once again - if taken as prescribed. You can reduce the time by a maximum of full-time credit load, plus summer courses. There are also some institutions that offer accelerated degrees, many of them online. You can go to the website called collegeboard. and the research of these schools the use of their Matchmaker search engine. Unless there is an urgent need in particular to circumstances beyond the control of the individual, the recommendation is not to rush through a program of study. Take the time to assimilate the information appropriately, develop skills of critical thinking, and give the information in time to be well rooted. (MORE)

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