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What’s the best nyu online course?

I wanted to move to New York last year but it wasn’t possible. I heard about a nyu online course and I was immediately interested because it can be a way for me to get a degree from nyu without actually being physically there. My idea is to take online finance classes because that’s my favorite area of study and I’m good at it. I’m still planning to move to NY, so I could take some online classes for college credits that I can add to the ones I will be studying on campus.

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on August 28, 2018

Technology has advanced amazingly and it is possible nowadays to follow your studies even if you live away from a higher education center. If you have a computer and an internet connection, you are ready to complete your education. Your enthusiasm about your studies is also very important and it will be a key factor that will lead you to professional success.

There is a wide range of NYU online courses to choose from. NYU offers online courses in almost every field that you can study in person on its campus. However, since you are thinking about studying finance, you should look at the offers proposed by The Stern School.

The Stern School, or Stern, is the New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business. When you move to New York, you will be able to study there since it is located in that city. This renowned school of business has a long history because it was founded in 1900 as the School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance. It is a founding member of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Many business leaders and executives are former students of this school.

In order to take an online finance class from Stern, you will need to register in advance. This is an important point because if you register early, you will pay a lower price. The difference between the early bird price and the regular price can be considerable. For instance, some Stern finance courses will start this year on September 4. The application process will be open from May 30 to August 27. After June 28, you will have to pay $1,875. However, until June 28, you will be able to pay $1,650  ( ).

It is possible to take an online class for college credits as a way to start gathering credits through distance education. Nevertheless, you only need 15 weeks to take a Stern course and earn a certificate. In the field of finance, you can get an online certificate in Advanced Valuation or in Corporate Finance.

Both courses are good and will increase the proficiency that students must already have in finance (they can be analysts, financial officers or portfolio managers). The Advanced Valuation course aims at developing and applying the essential abilities needed to value assets, while the Corporate Finance course will teach you the theories and techniques decisive to maximize the shareholder value.

Larry Warrena year ago

I didn’t know about those online courses from NYU but I think that I’ll take one of them as soon as I finish the one I’m taken from another university. It’s very nice that well-known universities as NYU give the opportunity to everyone to improve their education even if they live far away from NYU campuses. It’s true that a degree or a certificate from those famous universities looks very nice in your resume and it increases your chances to get the job that you want. I suppose that taking a NYU course online means studying a lot on your own but you can contact your tutor or your online classmates if you want. We’re responsible for finding the time to study and set our own schedule to do the assignments and get ready for the exams. It’s just a matter of getting used to this new form of studying.  

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