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What xDSL version provides a maximum throughput of 24 Mbps downstream and 3.3 Mbps upstream?

1 answer

1 answer

Dana Keller on April 10, 2018

The answer is ADSL2+M, which also happens to be the latest version of ADSL2+.DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) technology is common in bring info of the broadband residential and small businesses over copper the telephone lines. It comes with many flavors such as ADSL and SDSL. The most common used ADSL and ADSL2+ in most of the countries. ADSL is able to offer speeds of up to to 8 mbps downstream and 448 Kbps upstream. The Latest ADSL2+ is capable of pushing speeds up to 24 mbps download speed and 1.4 Mbps upload. Technically, ADSL2+M is the common name for the ADSL2+ and is pushing to 24 mbps and 3.3 Mbps download

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