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What would I gain by attending the GMAC conference?

I am usually interested in educational events but never attend any of them as my work schedule is very tight. I never attend anything unless it is directly related to my work. I came across GMAC when I was looking at a list of upcoming events in June.

I’m interested in furthering my studies in a few years’ time (when I have saved enough money for graduate studies) hence my curiosity about the GMAC conference. What is the benefit of attending it?

James Washington

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1 answer

Bethany Evans on June 12, 2018

Attending the right events opens opportunities for self-development. Conferences are beneficial because they provide platforms where people can connect and form lasting links. However, looking at this ‘benefit’ in the context of individual gain, links are only relevant to you if they help you further your goals.

So, in evaluating whether or not attending GMAC conferences would be of gain to you, ask yourself:

  • What does GMAC do?
  • What kinds of people attend the conference?
  • What are my plans?
  • Do the objectives of the conference align with my goals?
  • What are my expectations for the convention?

These questions can help you evaluate your decision about attending the conference especially if you would be forgoing doing something to find time for the three-day educational event.

First of all, what is GMAC and what work does it do?

Known in full as Graduate Management Admission Council, this organization is made up of business schools from several countries around the world. This not-for-profit organization provides educational products and services to universities and prospective students in graduate management studies. Originating in the US, this organization is best known for the GMAT, a standardized test used to assess applicants to graduate business courses such as MBA. Aside from this test, GMAC also does research and analysis of the business market to provide information to graduate management professionals useful in making admissions and program decisions. GMAC is also an information source for the public in areas to do with management education.

Who attends GMAC conventions?

The GMAC Annual Conference is a meeting of more than 600 graduate management education professionals in admissions, marketing, and program direction from around the world.

What benefits should you expect to get from attending this upcoming event?

You grow your network base: the networks you form in the course of your career and life are equal to your wealth as a person. Nothing can substitute physical interaction. Therefore, if you care about expanding your network, a conference such as the GMAC provides an opportune space for sharing information and getting new contacts.

Get new ideas: attending a conference can help you rejuvenate and expand your mind to new ideas and possibilities. In my experience, I have always back to my job re-energized full of new things to implement after a conference.

Exposure: at this conference, you get to meet top industry professionals face-to-face and market and sell yourself for better career growth. 

Ronald Miller2 years ago

One great benefit of attending the GMAC conference is that you get to understand much of the information you would not otherwise get from public sources about graduate business programs and practices. Like any other job, working in admissions or program management is just as competitive. To keep at par with colleagues in other institutions, faculties or departments, you need to stay in touch with the market trends and practices. The argument that most of the information you need is available online raises the question: why do you need to attend the conference to get the same information? Well, conferences don’t just give you information to digest for yourself. Learning sessions are often intense with new insight discussed in great detail. So, you are not left to go figure out how a particular piece of information can help you grow in your career; you learn how you can practically use it for growth and self-development. 

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