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What would be nice ideas for children to celebrate Halloween 2018?

I will have my two little nephews and my niece at home on Halloween 2018 and I would need some lively ideas to make this time enjoyable for them. I have thought that some Halloween coloring pages could be good or we may watch together Halloween movies for kids.

William Cain

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on October 24, 2018

There are many nice ideas of activities for children for each occasion during the year. The type of activity that they will like depends considerably on their personality. Are your nephews and your nice very young? Are they quiet and do they prefer reading a storybook? Or are they active and they want to go out to play and discover the world around them?

Games, readings, puzzles, singing songs, they are all very nice and recommendable activities for children. However, they may work or not for you with your children depending on their personality and preferences. Ask them about their favorite games, what they have done in previous years on this date and what they would like to do on this 2018 Halloween. Selecting activities that suit best the personality of each children is a key factor in the success of those activities.

If your nephews and your niece are about the same age, they could spend time together doing the same activity. However, if the age gap between them is too big, you may want to split them in groups that do not have to do the same activities. One group can practice their reading, while the other group can play. They can switch activities after a while or start doing different ones.

Giving coloring pages with Halloween patterns to the children can make them very happy. Note that this activity works better with younger children. They will enjoy very much drawing and coloring witches, jack-o’-lanterns, haunted houses, scarecrows, monsters and many other typical Halloween characters. Let them choose what colors to use. A scary black-and-white scarecrow may become a very welcoming friend if painted with bright light colors.

A famous manufacturer of wax crayons has a very good website that includes a section of coloring pages to print: 

Some drawings can stand up, like the witch or the gargoyle. The child, you can help them, needs to follow the folding instructions and they will have a decoration that sits up on a flat surface.

Some movies for kids on Halloween are Casper, Monsters Inc., Hotel Transylvania (

Eric Bates2 years ago

I usually print some coloring pages with Halloween patterns for my children, because I know that they have a good time drawing and coloring. And also because they always ask me to print their Halloween monsters. I think that it is a very nice activity that all the family can do together to help the children color and choose spaces at home where to exhibit their drawings. It is good for every age, since the drawings are not really scary and some of them can actually be very funny. Of course, this also depends on the site that you visit to look for Halloween images to color. In my case, I search for websites related to children and school activities. They usually offer safe coloring sheets for free that are suitable for small children. Children like watching movies, but I think that drawing can be better for their brain development. 

Tad Frazier2 years ago

I am in middle school and I can say that I do not like at all to stay at home on October 31. I like to meet my friends and go together trick-or-treating. My neighbors are very generous and always give us many delicious sweets. This Halloween 2018 I think that I will do the same. I wish I could go to a theme park sometime for Halloween, but my parents say that I am too young for that. But I refuse to sit and watch Halloween movies for kids. 

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