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What would be fastest route from Knoxville TN to Pasadena tx?

Jeremy Wood

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on August 4, 2018

Take I-75 SOUTH to I-24 WEST towards CHATTANOOGA and BIRMINGHAM at EXIT 2. . Take I-24 WEST to I-59 SOUTH to BIRMINGHAM at EXIT 167. . Take I-59 SOUTH to I-12 WEST to HAMMOND at EXIT 1A in Louisiana. On this stretch, bypass Birmingham, AL via I-459 SOUTH (EXIT 137 off I-59). . Take I-12 WEST to I-10 WEST in Baton Rouge, LA. . Take I-10 WEST to the BELTWAY 8 SAM HOUSTON PKWY in the SOUTH of Texas in the EXIT 781A. On this stretch bypass Lake Charles, LA, via I-210 WEST - LOOP (EXIT 34 of I-10 freeway). . Take the BELTWAY 8 (Sam Houston Pkwy) SOUTH of Pasadena.

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