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What would be a great gift to wish a Happy Thanksgiving?

I bought a card to wish a Happy Thanksgiving and I will write a nice message in it. Maybe a short poem. But I want to give something more. The idea of going to a game of Thanksgiving football crossed my mind. But a Thanksgiving parade might be better.

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on November 8, 2018

Actually, the suitability of a gift depends on the person that will receive that gift. Information such as their age and their preferences is important in order to select the best gift for them. However, a card full of Happy Thanksgiving wishes is unquestionably a touching gift that everyone will surely appreciate.

A short poem ( to give thanks for your friendship will be indeed a good text to include in your card. If the recipient of your card is a child, it is possible to find on the Internet short texts adapted to their age that can also be funny (

If you are giving the card to a religious person, the text of a prayer about thankfulness can be a good choice as well (

If you are writing a card because you were invited for dinner to celebrate this holiday, the gift that you can take to that celebration can complement the menu. You can take a red wine that goes with the turkey or a non-alcoholic beverage. Although it is sure that you will find a lot of food where you will have dinner, you can also take some dessert.

Inviting someone to watch a game of football on Thanksgiving will be nice, provided that the person likes that sport. It will be very easy to find a game to attend because playing this American sport is a tradition on this day or on the following weekend.

If you are planning on going to a game of the NFL, I advise that you buy the tickets early because many people like to go and watch those games. Since there are also neighbors and families that organize their own games, you can also invite your friend to play football. There will be more action and more fun if you play instead of just sitting to watch a game.

Inviting someone to go to a parade of Thanksgiving may seem an exciting idea. However, a parade may take a couple of hours or more and, though all the floats may be amazing, it can be a wearing experience.

Jessie Thompsona year ago

I always go to see the big parade of Thanksgiving in my state. I know that you can watch it on TV, but it is not the same as when you go to see it in person. All the floats look bigger and brighter when you are there. It is not as big as the parades in other states and this is an advantage because you do not have to be standing for long hours. You can have a nice time watching the parade, and then you will not be too tired to take a walk back home, or to the restaurant where you will have your Thanksgiving dinner. My memories from that parade are very good, and I would not hesitate to invite a friend to see it. It is more interesting than a football game that you can watch anytime anywhere. And it happens only once a year. 

Karen Wrighta year ago

I love this holiday and its food! I cannot wait that date to finally come to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving at the office and at home. If I had to invite a friend to an event to celebrate this day, I would take them to watch a Thanksgiving football game. Because it is very exciting to watch one of those games and because it is the tradition! You cannot imagine any fourth Thursday of November without a football game. This holiday compulsorily needs it to be complete.


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