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What would an example of a null and alternative hypothesis look like for a one right tail test with a rejection region at an alpha of 1 percent?

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

Alexa Spicer on August 4, 2018

Depends on the statistical test that is applied. Differenttests have different critical values. For the sake of definitenesslet to say that the plan to measure the intelligence quotient of 30 people using twodifferent paper-and-pencil tests. In the progress of your study youdecided that the null hypothesis would be that there is nocorrelation between the two tests and the alternativehypothesis would be a positive correlation of the results oftest B on the test to be accepted at the level p=0.01 (o1%). Continue with your measurements and make your correlationcalculation. Meanwhile, we have consulted the tables necessary tofind the critical value of the correlation statistic based on30 points is 0.306. This means that you must accept the null hypothesis if the samplecorrelation coefficient is less than or equal to 0.306. You canaccept the alternative in case of that the sample statistic is greater than0.306.

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