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What words end with the suffix ese?

Roger Moore

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1 answer

1 answer

Nicholas Rivera on February 15, 2020

angolese. annamese. archdiocese. assamese. balinese. of benin. the bhutanese people. burmese. kannada. the cantonese. ceylonese. the cheese. chinese. congolese. creese. the diocese. faeroese. fukkianese. gabonese. genoese. genovese. ghanese. guyanese. headlinese. hokkianese. the japanese. javanese. journalese. kanarese. the lebanese people. the legal jargon. the maltese. manganese. the milanesa. mom. nepali. japanese. obese. officialese. pekingese. the pekingese. the Portuguese. the senegalese people. siamese. sinhalese. sudanese. sundanese. taiwanese. telegraphese. these. timor. togo. tyrolese. viennese. vietnamese. zairese.

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