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What will I learn from the Western welcome week?

I am joining the university in the next month and uni orientation is one of those things I look forward to in my first year. I have been preparing myself for college in every way possible, and my goal is to adjust seamlessly to my new adult life.

I worked hard to get where I am, and one thing that has always helped me is planning. I wanted to know what freshers should generally expect on orientation days. What are the key things I expect to know during the Western welcome week?

Amanda Johnson

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on June 4, 2018

Western’s welcome week has loads of activities for first-year students for the first eight days of their first semester. Some of the unique activities you will find here include orientation trips conducted outdoor known as WOOT.

These trips are several held at different dates and available to all new students. It doesn’t matter if you have never had a previous outdoor experience or have a physical disability. Trips are in groups, and you get a chance to explore the natural scenery around Western Washington University.

There is also the Viking launch program which helps first-year students integrate into the college life. The biggest struggle for first years is getting acquainted with college life both academically and socially. This program helps to provide extended learning to incoming students to help them sync into their new courses without issues. Plus, the program has allocated residential quarters for participating students to stay to help foster social relations and connections.

These are some of the unique activities you will find in Western. However, there are activities common to all universities during the days of orientation:

Speech of vice chancellor and faculty members: the first day is a sort of meet and greet. You will learn who the Campus administrator is as well as the key members of the various faculties on the campus. Also in these sessions, you will get to know about GE courses you can take.

Learn about campus rules: well, every institution has its dos and don’ts. You will learn all these during your first days on campus. It is important to know what is allowed and what is not to avoid disciplinary issues during your stay at the school.

Campus tour: most universities are large; therefore, it is easy to get lost if you are not familiar with the environment. Part of the purpose of university orientation is to help new students know where everything is at the campus.

Involvement fair: most universities in the US have involvement fairs at the beginning of academic year. Involvement fairs are events where college student organizations and clubs get to showcase what they have to offer to new students in the hopes of recruiting new members. These fairs are usually organized outdoors with organizations trying to outdoor each other by using colorful banners and offering freebies.

Games and sports events: orientation week is a time to have fun and socialize. Therefore, expect sports and exciting games too. 


Jordan Sotoa year ago

I also think that planning is very important in our life as adults. It is something that we should develop as we grow up, but very often we get to high school – or even finish it without knowing how to make plans. Fortunately, Western Washington University understands it and provides orientation activities for its new students. I love the Western welcome week. The outdoors trips are great to connect with nature and with new fellow students. Those orientation days are useful because they’ll allow you to learn all that you need to know about WWU.  

Tad Fraziera year ago

Orientation days pretty much have a mix of these activities: sometimes more. If you can help it, no student should miss this time in their college life because:

You will get to do it only once: the welcome week is for freshers only, and once you pass this stage you will never get to do it again. New students will come, and you will soon become an old student.

You will learn all there is to know to make your first semester enjoyable: it is the time to know the places you can get nice food, direction to sports ground and classes. It is your time to explore and test different things.

Plus, it is only time that you will not be expected to be serious: the goal is to connect and have fun. It is the only time in your school calendar year that the school requires you to have fun. 

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