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What were people called who could read and write?

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Justin Parker on May 24, 2018

If you can read and write, which means that you know how to read and write. For a long time, people thought 'literate' meant being familiar with literature, but now, since in the afternoon of 19 per century, which basically means to be able to read and write. Its antonym illiterate has an equally broad range of meanings: an illiterate person may be incapable of reading a shopping list or unable to grasp an allusion to Shakespeare or Keats. The term functional illiterates is often used to describe a person who cannot read or write to a certain degree, but below a minimum level required to function in even a limited social situation or job setting. An aliterate person, by contrast, is one who is able to read and write, but who have little interest in doing so, either of indifference to learning in general or from a preference for seeking information and entertainment by other means. · More recently, the meanings of the words literacy and illiteracy have been extended from their original connection with reading and literature to any body of knowledge. For example, "geographic illiterates" cannot identify the countries on a map and "computer illiterates" are unable to use a processor system. All of these uses of literacy and illiteracy are acceptable.

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