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What were both nobles and knights obligated to do?

Victoria Fowler

in History

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1 answer

Ronald Miller on September 25, 2018

Answer options:A. Remain faithful to one another B. to Protect the people who lived in the mansion C. to Take an oath of chivalry D. Provide staff and the military service to the kingCorrect choice of answer is:D. the provision of staff and the military service to the kingExplanation:In feudalism, the land grant and delivery of the securities as a gift or present of loyalty and military service. Less noble is considered to work as the knights, while the noblest were considered to protect military bases. Below the nobles were the knights, and below them the peasants. Feudalism is basically a set of exchanges, simply, give-and-take of the rule. The loyalty was given by the nobles of the King, the knights were to be appointed by the duty of the king's protection, and the peasants used to serve the food.

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