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What website has good online certification courses?

I know that you can find courses in any subject on the Internet now, but what I’m looking for is online certification courses. I’m in college and I want to get more credits this summer and that’s why I need good credit courses. I think that I can use that time to take some online math courses for college credit if I can find what the best online course platforms on the Internet are. The reason I’m searching for free distance learning courses is that I’m on a tight budget at the moment.

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

Donald Ward on June 19, 2018

The number of courses that we can find on the Web is indeed amazing. Searching for the right course can be overwhelming since it demands to browse many educational sites.

Although the list of platforms that provide courses is long, looking for an online certification course can be easy for you since you already know what kind of courses you need. There are several good sites that you can visit to find the online math course that you want. There is, for instance, Coursera ( It is an educational website that offers free online courses with certificate of completion.

Coursera offers courses from national and international institutions that include Yale University, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Florida, UNSW Australia (The University of New South Wales), West Virginia University, among many others. This collaboration with renowned colleges, universities and companies from all around the world places the courses from Coursera among the best free courses that you can take on the Internet.

After you complete your Coursera course and if you chose the paid version of the course, you will get an electronic certificate that you can print or add to your profile on LinkedIn. These courses do not grant credits from the partner institution that provides them. Nevertheless, you can certainly find math courses online for college credit that you can take in the summer, as well as at different times of the year.

A very good educational site, which is considered by many college students to be one of the best course platforms online, is edX ( It was founded by Harvard University and MIT and it offers free courses with the option to get a certificate of completion after you pass your exams and pay a fee. You can find on edX several online math courses with certificates from Harvard, as well as precalculus and algebra courses from ASUx (Arizona State University) that are credit-eligible.

Usually, credit-eligible online courses are not free. However, most educational platforms that offer free courses generally have the option to give a certificate provided that you pay a fee. You can complete, for example, an Alison online course ( and get a digital certificate for a small fee.

Finally, remember that a student that decides to take a distance learning course for free or paid one is required to commit to their course to ensure the success of their learning process. 

Nicholas Riveraa year ago

I’ve been taking distance learning courses for free for over a year now and they’re pretty good. I’m in high school and I don’t have money to buy paid courses that can be really expensive. Fortunately, there are famous colleges and universities that offer some of their courses for free. That’s great! I take online courses mostly to complement the lessons of my regular subjects at school and sometimes I take free college courses to see how they are and prepare for college. Some of them are very difficult, but it’s ok because I take mostly self-paced courses and I can advance as fast or slow as I want. So far I just take online courses to get knowledge and I don’t chase a certificate in particular. They’ve helped me a lot with my high school studies to improve my grades and I’m sure that they’ll be helpful in college. 

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