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What website could you go to for a student loan with bad credit and no cosigner?

Dana Keller

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Mindee Nelson on March 28, 2018

\n. \n. \n. \n Student Loan Assistance \n. \nHere is a tip:\n. \n . You can't. You must have at least a job. You can get around credit and debt.\n . \n . I would like to return tothe funding of student loans in the first place. If they are federal, ask for a deferment due to unemployment. Federal student loans have lower interest rates than any unsecured loan someone will give you in your situation. Call bill companies and try to work out a payment plan, let them know that you are in a difficult financial situation. I doubt that you can find a loan. Try to get a job, save up a few paystubs, and then go to one of those Cash Advance Places where you write them a check and cash it later. Their interest rates are high, though. That will report positive information to the credit bureaus if you pay them on time. And as soon as you pay for them, theyll let you finance another one the same day. This can help with some fast cash to keep public services, but the interest rates can be 20% or more above what you borrow. You can also help your credit. You can put up your car title as collateral with a finance company? You can have the best prices. Good Luck.

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