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What ways can be incorporated to improve immigration education?

I want to become an advocate for fair and equality in education for all children, and I attended a seminar that was held a few months ago in my location where a nonprofit organization was addressing problems facing immigration education. I want to know whether there is a way to make changes and enhance immigrant children’s education. I would appreciate help identifying some of these ways from those who are familiar with the topic. If there are suggestions on how to eliminate the barrier between immigration and schools I would like to know.

Annie Barnes

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on September 11, 2018

I took part in an initiative that was started by a group of youth in my area to help improve the education experience of immigrant students. Most of the people in the group were immigrants who went through the education system that regarded them as documented students. I found out different problems they face. We organized meetings with government officials in our area to create awareness of this situation. We formulated some suggestions and presented them which we believed would be effective and bring change in education for immigrant children.

From the list we came up with we identified some participants that would assist in supporting educating immigrant children and youth. The state, federal officials, and educators all have a significant role in advocating for immigrant education. All these parties could formulate ways of making the education process for immigrant students easier by eliminating some of the barriers in their way.

Educators can lay an active role in supporting undocumented students prepare for college. Many immigrant students have a hard time getting ready for college since some of them did not receive a high standard of education at the pre-secondary education, and most of them are not proficient in English. Educators can help these students get ready for college by formulating teaching techniques that will effectively get these students ready for post-secondary education.

State officials can work on implementing policies that support undocumented students to get an education. State courts can do away with laws that hinder immigrant students from attaining education. States that have laws preventing undocumented students from receiving education should be done away with, and students should be allowed to attend public schools which are free.

Learning institutions can also step in to try and bridge the gap between immigration to schools. Schools can implement policies that are in support of immigrant students and advocate for the education of immigrants. They can also emphasize on protocols that protect these students and their families from discrimination and provision of education.

Immigrant students are not liable for student loans, and this has resulted in a financial burden when it comes to tuition expenses. Teachers can help these students find scholarships to bring relief to the costs incurred when paying for their education. Educators are well informed on scholarships, and they could assist these students to find them and also help them apply for them.

Kayla Bowen2 years ago

I have worked with a student’s immigrant organization for the past five years, and I have learned a lot about the challenges these students face when gaining an education. These students and their families often go through many problems. Immigrant children’s education is as important as the education of any student. These students have rights, and they deserve the best quality of education. The community should be willing to work together to advocate for education for these undocumented students. The government should ease the naturalization of immigrant students who want to become citizens. Most immigrant students are exempted from education privileges that they would enjoy if they were citizens. The community should set up funding organizations that are willing to offer undocumented children who need financial assistance to support their education. 

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