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What was true of the Berlin Conference in 1884? a.African leaders advised Europeans on policy. b.African land was divided without regard to cultural or language groups. c.Europeans decided most of the land would be under independent African control. d.Portugal received the largest portion of Africa.?

Brandon Scott

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on July 15, 2018

The correct answer is (B) of the land of Africa was divided without regard to cultural or language groups. The Conference of Berlin in 1884 to establish the basic rules of what would become known as the "scramble for Africa". During this time, several European countries are looking to expand into other countries/continents with the aim of increasing the quantity of the goods or resources they had access to, and increase the amount of people who could sell their products. One of the most popular targets was Africa, due to the continents large amount of valuable resources (such as gold). This resulted in the European country of the size of different parts of Africa and claim it as your own. However, the Europeans never considered the culture, the language, the style of life of the people living in the land in which they were playing.

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